Virtual Hearings

To protect the health and safety of all individuals involved in the court process, the Milwaukee Municipal Court conducts hearings virtually in addition to in-person.

To appear virtually, you must:

  1. Have a computer, tablet or smartphone with both a camera and microphone

  2. Have access to a reliable internet connection

  3. Install the Zoom app


Technical Information


Installing Zoom

The Court uses Zoom for virtual appearances. Zoom is free and can be installed on Windows, Apple, and Android products.


Computer Installation

To download the Windows or Mac OS app Click here.


iPhone or iPad Installation

The Zoom app can be obtained from the App Store. From the App Store, search for ZOOM Cloud Meetings. Click here for more information.


Android Installation

The Zoom app can be obtained from the Google Play Store. From the Google Play Store, search for ZOOM Cloud Meetings. Click here for more information.


Minimum System Requirements

- Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
- Mac OS 10.x or higher
- iOS 8.0 or higher
- Android 5.x or higher
- Chromebooks not supported at this time


Failing to abide by proper etiquette may result in being removed from the Zoom session.



What is the difference between a videoconference hearing and an in-person hearing?

The only difference is that participants are using Zoom. All procedures and etiquette remain the same.

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What happens if I am late connecting or miss the videoconference?

As long as the Court is in session, you can connect with the provided link/URL and password. If you miss the session, your case will be defaulted and you will need to file a motion to reopen. Please call (414) 286-3800 for further information.

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What happens if I accidentally get disconnected to the videoconference?

If your connection drops, you can reconnect with the provided link/URL and password. If you have continued problems reconnecting, call (414) 286-6600.

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Can I just use audio and not video?

To participate in a videoconference hearing, you must use video.

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Can the public observe court hearings with video conferencing?

Milwaukee Municipal Court rooms remain open to the public and all videoconference hearings will be shown as they occur in each respective branch for in-person viewing. Compliance with appropriate safety precautions is required. For more information call (414) 286-3800.

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Are the hearings streamed live?

The videoconference hearings are not streamed.

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What if I have something I need to attend to while I’m in the Zoom waiting room (e.g., bathroom)?

In the event you need to attend to something that will only take a few minutes while in the Zoom waiting room, please mute your audio and turn off the camera. If you were admitted to the court hearing while you were away, you will be placed back in the waiting room and will need to wait to be admitted again.

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