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By the end of this week, the final asphalt surface will be completed on the outside lanes on West Layton Avenue between South 20th to 27th streets. Once completed, the outside lanes between 20th to 27th streets will re-open to traffic while the inside lane (median side) will be closed for the next phase of operations.
During this week and throughout next week, the contractor will be removing and replacing sidewalk and driveways on West Layton Avenue between South 13th Street to South Howell Avenue. Majority of the driveways will be removed and replaced in halves to maintain access. The contractor will continue to pour the remaining bus pads, and will also be working on concrete base patching of the existing pavement in preparation of placing the first layer of asphalt.


The West Layton Avenue resurfacing project from South 27th Street to South Howell Avenue will consist of milling the existing asphalt pavement and replacing the 4-lane divided roadway with a new asphalt surface; curb and gutter, driveway approaches and sidewalk will be replaced where necessary, pedestrian curb ramps will be reconstructed and utility improvements will be made to sewer structures, traffic signals and signs, and street lighting. There will be modifications to the median, where necessary, to enhance safety and improve the overall operation of the roadway. Once completed, the roadway will accommodate for two driving lanes and a 5-foot bicycle lane in each direction. 


The project will be split into two stages to minimize how construction will impact residents, businesses, and the traveling public.

Stage 1: The work zone will shut down the outside (curbside) lanes on both sides of the median. A lane of traffic moving in each direction will be maintained on the inside lanes. 

Stage 2: The work zone will shut down the inside lanes on both sides of the median. A lane of traffic moving in each direction will be maintained on the outside lanes.

*When the contractor is removing the pavement, access to driveways and side streets may be temporarily restricted until the new surface is established. Access will also be temporarily restricted when the contractor is paving through the area. 

Driveway Access: City staff and the contractor will work to minimize the amount of time any driveway access is restricted and will notify property owners in advance of any driveway work. Short-term disruptions will occur when driveway approach is being removed and rebuilt. 

Pedestrian Access: Short-term disruptions will occur when sidewalk is being removed and rebuilt. Temporary pedestrian accommodations can be provided and the contractor will work with property owners to minimize impact. 

Bus Routes: #55, 80, 19, and Purpleline will maintain their regular routes within the work zone. Stop alterations will be signed to redirect passengers as needed. 

Parking: On-street parking is not allowed. 

Construction Hours: Work is allowed from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Roger Reed  Construction Supervisor 414-708-5108
Megan O'Connor  Support for Business Liaison 414-708-1433

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Start: End of June 2019
Completion: November 2019
*All work is weather dependent and subject to change

Project Overview

Public Involvement Meeting:
The City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works held a public involvement meeting to receive input and share project details with residents and businesses located in the project area.

February 7, 2018
Lowell Elementary School
4360 South 20th Street
5:30 - 7:30 p.m.