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Milwaukee ThinkBike Workshop Results

The Milwaukee ThinkBike Workshop brought together Dutch transportation experts and almost 50 planners, engineers, and local neighborhood, business, and bicycling stakeholders to create a vision for a better bicycle transportation network in the Century City development area. The workshop was hosted at Century City Tower on October 31 and November 1, 2016 by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works (DPW), and the Department of City Development (DCD) in cooperation with the Dutch Cycling Embassy.

Maps of the corridors, information from the workshop, and links to the final presentations are available below.



Sponsors – Thank you for helping to make this event possible!

US Department of Transportation - Federal Highway Administration

Dutch Cycling Embassy

City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works

City of Milwaukee Department of City Development

Northwest Side Community Development Corporation

Midwest Energy Research Consortium

Bublr Bikes

Wisconsin Bicycle Federation

Outpost Natural Foods

Corridor Analysis & Final Presentations


After a kickoff session of presentations by both local and Dutch experts, the attendees split into teams to study two different corridors near Century City. One team explored arterial streets following N. 35th St., W. Capitol Dr., and W. Hopkins St. between W. Congress St. and N. 24th Pl. The other team examined neighborhood streets following W. Townsend St. and W. Keefe Ave. between N. 51st Blvd and N. Teutonia Ave. The teams then created presentations detailing their recommendations for each corridor based on the knowledge of both the local participants and the Dutch experts. These final recommendations will contribute to the development of the Century City area, while the skills and awareness gained by the participants throughout the workshop will help improve bicycling opportunities throughout all of Milwaukee.

Hopkins Corridor Analysis


Hopkins St

Click HERE for a detailed description of the Hopkins team's recommendations and a video of their final presentation.

Townsend Corridor Analysis

Townsend St

Click HERE for a detailed description of the Townsend team's recommendations and a video of their final presentation.

Dutch Cycling Embassy Final Report

The Dutch Cycling Embassy wrote a comprehensive report on the Milwaukee ThinkBike workshop which covers the background information their experts presented, the workshop sessions, and the resulting recommendations for the Century City development area. Click HERE to read their final report.

Workshop Materials

Workshop Agenda

Site Area Map

Public Safety and Education Programs and Enforcement Presentation

User Perspectives, Equity, and the Future of Cycling Presentation

Cycling Networks, CROW Requirements, Multimodal Perspectives Presentation

Streetscape Design Presentation

RACM presentation

Other Links

People for Bikes - Information about the National Bike Challenge, protected bikeways and low stress networks, and community grant opportunities.

Winter Cycling Federation - Information about creating and maintaining great bicycling networks in snowy climates, annual Winter Cycling Congress conferences, Winter Bike to Work Day materials, and a Winter Cycling Manual under development.

"Air Quality and Exercise-Related Health Benefits from Reduced Car Travel in the Midwestern United States" - Paper by Maggie Grabow, Scott N. Spak, Tracey Holloway, Brian Stone Jr., Adam C. Mednick, and Jonathan A. Patz.

FHWA Design Flexibility Resources - Summary of federal guidelines for innovative bicycle and pedestrian street design.

Media Coverage

The event was reported by both Wisconsin Public Radio and WISN 12 News at 6:09 pm on October 31st, 2016.


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