DPW COVID Vaccinations

Milwaukee Health Department Coronavirus COVID-19 updates. Visit Impact 211 website for information or call 2-1-1 for assistance.

The City of Milwaukee is excited to begin the process of administering COVID-19 vaccinations to employees and qualifying spouses. Participation in the City of Milwaukee’s vaccine program is voluntary. Employee Vaccine Policy can be found here. 


Employees are assigned to one of the categories as defined by the Department of Employee Relations and Milwaukee Health Department.

Category 1: 

Front line employee with regular ongoing exposure who meet the following guidelines:

  • Employees who interact directly with the public or are community facing on a daily basis (i.e. in person work with customers or clients, perform work within people's homes, respond to calls in person)
  • Frequent and direct interaction with co-workers
  • Inability to social distance with co-workers while at work
  • Inability to work remotely because of job duties

Category 2:

  • Administration employees with intermittent exposure including any formal leaders or support staff that may or may not fall into category 1.
  • These employees may have some remote work flexibility but may also need to work onsite or in other situations that meet some of the criteria above.
  • Departments may include individuals who are at a higher risk due to age (65 and older) or those who have been approved not to report to work due to high risk medical condition or have an approved accommodation due to high risk medical condition. 

Category 3:

  • Remote staff that have the ability to work telework for the foreseeable future until the vaccine is available for wider distribution

Scheduling Link Sign Up

Sign up below to recieve vaccine scheduling directions. Once employees arrive at their scheduled appointment, additional registration and consent information will need to be completed by the employee.

Employees need to bring their employee ID and plan at least one hour to complete the screening, consent, vaccination and required observation period. Additional pre-visit information can be reviewed here.

Use the sign up below if you meet one of these below and are requesting the link to schedule when available. Scheduling information is not currently available for category 1 employees.

  • You are a Category 1 employee who has not signed up for the vaccine, but would like to schedule an appointment
  • You are a DPW employee over the age of 65

DPW Employee Name: 

DPW Employee Phone Number: 

DPW Employee Email: 

I do not have access to an email address to receive a scheduling link.

DPW Employee Division: 

 Administration (Payroll, Accounting, Contracts, Permits, etc)

 Infrastructure (Accounting, Drafting, Street Maintenance, Major Projects, Electrical Services, Traffic Engineering, Multi-modal, Buildings and Bridges, Sewers)

 Operations (Fleet, Forestry, Parking, and Sanitation)


Current eligibility criteria you meet to receive the scheduling link (multiple options can be selected):

I am a Category 1 DPW employee who has not yet scheduled a vaccine appointment

I am a DPW employee over the age of 65

Getting the Vaccine

Parking and direction information at the Wisconsin Center.

  • Wisconsin Center Parking: 500 W Wells Street - follow signs to enter the surface lot off of Wells Street, take ticket for entry and save to have validated inside.
  • Wisconsin Center Entrance: Follow signs to the entrance at the corner of Vel Phillips and Wells. You will go through a health screen, then follow signs to the registration area in the main ballroom.


  • General city employees should use Miscellaneous Unapplied Time (069) when scheduling their vaccination appointment during work time.

Second Dose

Employees will be emailed a scheduling link 2 weeks after their first dose to schedule their second dose. If it has been at least 2 weeks since your first dose and you did not recieve a link, contact the Milwaukee Health Department at 414-286-6800.

Contacts for scheduling or eligibility:

  • Administration - Shannon Goodwin - 414-286-8019
  • Infrastructure - Lindsey O'Conner - 414-708-0119
  • Operations - Kaylyn Jennik - 414-708-0230
  • Water Works - Amy Hefter - 414-708-0322

Thank you for your willingness to “CRUSH COVID” and the work you do to serve the people of Milwaukee!

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