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Snow and Ice Control Operation Status

A Snow Emergency has not been declared.

DPW Operations staff is closely monitoring the weather to ensure
City of Milwaukee streets are safe and passable.



Standard Night Parking and Winter Parking Regulations are in effect.

No impact to garbage and recycling collection.

Clear snow and ice around, on top of, and to your garbage and recycling carts.

Picture of a Safe and Passable Residential Street

The City of Milwaukee provides bare pavement on arterial streets due to high traffic volumes and higher posted speed limits. Residential streets will be safe and passable with plowed, but snow covered conditions. 

Sidewalks must be clear of snow and ice 24 hours after snow had stopped falling.  Residents SHOULD NOT shovel, blow or plow snow back into the streets.  

Sidewalk snow enforcement requests can be made online or by calling 414-286-CITY, however please do not make requests until the snow has stopped for 24 hours.

Updated: 1/25/2020

Ways you can help during a snow operation:

  • Park legally and follow alternate side parking rules.  We do a better job clearing to the curb when parking rules are followed.  Parking farther away from driveways, alleys and intersections allows our equipment to get closer to the curbs.
  • Sign up for SnowMobile text or email notifications.
  • DO NOT shovel, blow or plow snow back into the streets. 
  • Shovel your sidewalk within 24 hours after the snow has stopped falling, assist neighbors who are elderly or disabled.
  • Clear your hydrant of snow and ice.
  • Clear snow and ice around and on top of your garbage and recycling carts.
  • Adjust your driving for conditions by slowing down and providing more space for braking.
  • Give our trucks space and stay back from the trucks salting or brining streets to ensure the product hits the streets instead of your car.
  • Plan your route to stay on main transportation routes as much as possible during snow and ice events.