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Neighborhood Clean-Up Box Request

City of Milwaukee Sanitation Services is pleased to provide roll-off boxes (dumpsters) for neighborhood cleanups.  These boxes are limited for use during organized neighborhood cleanups, they are not for use by individuals, businesses, churches, and schools.  There are 13 boxes available each Saturday April 27-July 27, 2019. As the organizer, you are responsible for monitoring the box and reporting any illegal dumping to your police district.

All clean-up boxes have been reserved on: April 27 and May 4

The following items cannot be placed in the provided containers:

  • Tires
  • Construction debris (lumber, concrete, dirt)
  • Building Materials (roofing, drywall, tiles, paint, etc.)
  • Hazardous Waste (paint thinner, pesticides, used motor oil, etc.)
  • Large Appliances (refrigerators, stoves, washers, etc.)
  • Yard Waste (tree branches, brush, leaves, grass, and garden debris)
  • Recyclables
  • Electronics (TV's, stereos, computers, printers, DVD players, etc.). 

These items, except hazardous waste, can be taken to Sanitation Drop Off Centers

3879 W. Lincoln or 6660 N Industrial Rd. 
There is a charge for construction debris.

If you have any questions or to reserve a box over the phone, please call 414-286-3599.






Boxes are only placed on accessible street corners.  Please enter address or street intersection below.

Address box to be placed in front of: 


Requested street to be placed on: 

At intersecting street: 

Which corner: 

Please enter your name below confirming the statement below is accurate:

I have worked with my neighbors to identity this date for a neighborhood cleanup and understand I am responsible for monitoring the box to ensure items are properly disposed of.


If your neighborhood wishes to schedule a group cleanup, please visit Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful online or call (414) 272-5462 for clean-up bags, gloves, or to borrow a limited number of clean-up tools (rakes, shovels, brooms).