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Sidewalk Snow Removal

Private Property

Private property, residential or commercial property owners and occupants are required to clear the sidewalks abutting their property of snow or ice within 24 hours after the snow has stopped falling. This includes the corner crosswalk area for property owners with corner lots or those whose property abuts a midblock crosswalk.

Violators who are reported to DPW will be issued a notice to clear the walk and will be assessed a special charge of $50.  Property owners who fail to clear all sidewalk snow and ice, before the abatement contractor arrives, after the property has been cited will be assessed additional special charges of $75 for the first violation, and $100 for a second violation and any violations thereafter, plus the cost of snow and ice removal if cleared by the City (City Ordinance 116-8). The City is responsible for clearing approaches to alleys only; the City does not plow alleys. Sign up for electronic notification of property violations through Enotify by utilizing location based subscriptions.

Violations can be found and paid online in the Land Management System (LMS).

To appeal a sidewalk snow removal violation submit the appeal application and $25 filing fee to the Administrative Review Appeals Board, 200 E Wells St, Rm 205 within 30 days of the date of the bill.

Sidewalk clearing for elderly and/or disabled persons

Residents who own single family homes who are physically unable to clear the sidewalk in front of their home may apply for assistance with clearing the walk after a snowstorm exceeding 4 inches. Click here to learn more about special needs services.  A $30 charge per event is assessed for this service.

Public Sidewalks and Crosswalks

Sanitation will clear corner crosswalks when there is snow accumulation of 4" or more.  The crews who drive snow plows also operate sidewalk and bus stop cleanup equipment; sidewalks are cleared following street cleanup. It generally takes up to three days to complete a sidewalk operation.

Bus Stops

Depending on the conditions following a general plowing, the Street Maintenance Section of DPW Infrastructure Services Division will clear snow on specific bus stops. Operations usually take place during the nights following the completion of street plowing operations.

There are roughly 4,200 bus landings that are cleared during these operations. The front door landing area is always cleared.  Rear door landings are cleared only at higher traffic areas. Bus stop shelteres are county facilities and are not cleared during these operations.

City Owned Buildings

Each city department is responsible for maintaining clear sidewalks abutting their buildings and field offices in outlying areas. The entire City Hall complex is maintained by Department of Public Works staff.

Pedestrian Walks

Forestry Services clears a limited number of specified locations while other pedestrian walks are cleared by Sanitation Services staff.

City Owned Parking Lots

Parking Services manages the private contractors responsible for clearing the abutting sidewalks and the lots of snow and ice.


Sidewalks around and through totlots are managed by Forestry Services and are cleared by private contractors.

Railroad Bridges

Sanitation Services clears sidewalks abutting railroad bridges in conjunction with a general plowing operation.

City Maintained Bridges

The Infrastructure Services Division is responsible for a specified list of sidewalks on bridges. Certain bridge sidewalks are cleared by the Sanitation Services but only in conjunction with a plowing operation cleanup.

Bridges/Overpasses Over Freeways/Interstate Highways

Pedestrian walkways and streets with sidewalks abutting bridges are cleared by Sanitation Services, only when a plowing operation is called and there is sufficient snow accumulation to warrant a plowing.

City ordinance prohibits shoveling snow onto streets

Property owners should deposit the snow from sidewalks and driveways onto their yards or the strip between the curb and sidewalk.