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City of Milwaukee Movable Bridges

The City of Milwaukee owns and maintains 188 bridges, 21 of which are vertical lift or bascule type bridges to allow marine traffic additional clearance for safe passage.   Vertical lift, or table type, bridges have a fixed level of vertical clearance, while bascule type bridges have unlimited clearance when fully opened.  Private vessels, coal barges, fire and emergency water craft, sailboats, and tour boats pass through these bridges year round.   In 2015, DPW recorded 21,835 bridge openings.



Infrastructure Services

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North 16th Street bascule bridge (B-40-0550-14) over the Menomonee River was built in 1929 and is part of the 16th Street viaduct. At the time of construction of this bridge, businesses and organizations located in the Menomonee Valley hosted large freighters that required unlimited clearance. Today, such large vessels no longer navigate the Menomonee River and the bridge rarely needs to open.