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Residential Nonconforming Use Day Permits

Who May Apply?

Residential Nonconforming Use Day Permits are issued to those who meet the following criteria:

  • Residents living in houses built prior to October 27, 1970 and a minimum of one parking space per dwelling unit is not provided
  • Residents living in a building over three stories, and at least 2 parking spaces per 3 dwelling units is not provided
Required information 

The Residential Nonconforming Use Day Permit Application requires the following information:

  1. ​The name and address of the owner or operator
  2. The license number, make and year of each vehicle
  3. Location of parking space being applied for
  4. A sworn statement that the applicant resides at the address given and that the residence qualifies under sub 2-a, b or c.  If the applicant is applying under sub. 2-b, the sworn statement shall include physical dimensions of the parking space and the applicant's vehicle, including photographs of each.  If the applicant is applying under sub 2-c, the sworn statement shall include an attached statement from a physician for the disabled person that the applicant's vehicle is needed to transport that person.
Permit Fee:

$15.00 per year

Where to Purchase:

Permits are issued from the Police District Station in which the vehicle will be parked.

Where to Place Permit:

Inside vehicle in the lower driver's side corner of windshield.


SnowMobile Winter Text Alert
Sign up for winter parking alerts

1. Sign in or create an enotify account.
2. Select text messaging in the gray navigation bar near the top of the website.
3. Add your phone number and carrier, hit the disk to save.
4. A confirmation code will be texted to you, enter this code in the confirmation code box and press the checkmark to confirm.
5. Reselect text messaging in the gray bar to see the alerts available.
6. Check winter alerts.
7. For email notifications: Select email subscriptions in the gray bar. Select Information Updates and check winter alerts.