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Residential Preferred Parking Permits

This no-cost permit applies to specific locations designated as "Resident-only parking zones" by the Common Council.  These areas are located in the UWM Commuter Impacted area and are signed "No Parking Except RPP Permit" - MCO 101.27.7 (11).  During designated times, the holder of a resident-only parking permit shall be permitted to park the vehicle listed on the permit in the zone posted "No Parking Except RPP Permit" on the street in the block in which the resident lives or an adjacent block.

Which Residents Qualify

♦  ​A resident qualifies for this permit if their residence lies within a resident-only parking zone with posted regulations "No Parking Except RPP Permit"
♦  ​Two permits may be issued per household

Permit Application Requires

♦  The name, address, and valid Wisconsin driver's license number with the same address as stated on the application of the owner or operator of the vehicle
♦  The motor vehicle registration for each vehicle listed on the application

Where to Obtain a Residential Preferred Parking Permit

♦  MPD District One
    749 W State St. 
    (414) 935-7213



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