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Commuter Impacted Residential Area Day Permits City of Milwaukee two hour parking sign.

This permit applies to specific locations designated as "Commuter Impacted" by the Common Council.   These areas are generally located near factories, schools, hospitals or large employment centers - listing of all eligible areas (MCO 101-27.7-c1-c19).

Which Residences Qualify:
  • ​A residence qualifies for this permit if the hourly parking limit signage on their block includes the following language:  "except Saturday, Sunday" or "except Sunday", or "and permit"
  • Only one permit may be issued per household
Permit Application Requires:
  • The name, address and Wisconsin driver's license number of the owner or operator of each vehicle
  • A valid driver's license with the same address as stated on the application
  • The motor vehicle registration for each vehicle listed on the application
Cost of Permit:
  • No cost
Where to Obtain a Commuter Impacted Residential Area Day Permit:
  • Permit applications and permit renewals must be obtained from the Police District Station in which the vehicle will be parked
  • List of district station locations or call (414) 933-4444 to determine which police district you are in
Where to Place Permit
  • Inside vehicle in the lower driver's side corner of windshield