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Block Parties

Block Party Permits are issued to residents of the City of Milwaukee who would like to barricade the residential street they live on for a neighborhood event - main thoroughfares are not closed for block parties.  Planning a block party is a big job and requires the support of all those who reside on the block that will be closed.  Included with the enclosed application is a neighborhood approval petition, which must be submitted with the Block Party Permit Application.

The Block Party applicant must reside on the block and is responsible for the event - including setup and take-down of the barricades as described in the permit; cleanup of the public right-of-way following the event; and maintaining a clear lane for emergency vehicles.

Applications should be submitted 30 days prior to the event.  This will allow enough time for the review and approval process by the District Alderperson, Department of Public Works, and the Milwaukee Police Department.

Online Block Party Application

Downloadable Block Party Application

Completed applications and petitions may be submitted as follows:

1. Email:
2. Fax:  (414) 286-3953
3. Mailed to:  Special Event Permit Office, 841 North Broadway, Room 501, Milwaukee, WI  53202

If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Public Works Special Event Permit Office at (414) 286-3329.

Best of luck with your event!

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