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Milwaukee Open Data


The City of Milwaukee's New Open Data Portal! 

May, 30 2018 

We want to change the way people engage with their government. The City of Milwaukee's Open Data Initiative is paving the way to achieve greater trust and accountability within our community. One major step we have taken towards achieving these goals is to publishing more data and reorganizing existing City data on an innovative interface now known as, The City of Milwaukee's Open Data Portal

What we love most about it:

  • A user friendly interface that allows for simplified navigation and search functions. 
  • A modern design that is responsive to mobile devices
  • An overall more effective, usable and coherent user experience for citizens to easily access and leverage open data

The new portal was launched on May, 30 2018. You are encouraged to browse, filter, graph and download city data! Is there a dataset you would like to see that is not currently published? Contact us and let us know, we'll do our best to make it available. 

For more about the City of Milwaukee's Open Data Initiative, go to


Data Day 2018! 

May, 30 2018

"Data Day is an opportunity for people who need data to connect with people who have data"- Data You Can Use.

The City of Milwaukee will be participating in Data Day at the UWM Joseph J Zilber School of Public Health. Data Day is a great opportunity to connect with local leaders and data enthusiasts. Discussions  Chief Information Officer, Nancy Olson will be taking this opportunity to present the City of Milwaukee's new Open Data Portal to the public for the very first time! Mayor Tom Barett and Dean Ronald Perez, Zilber School of Public Health will also be speaking at this event. We look forward to engaging coversations about using data to inspire and bring about positive social changes within our community.  

New and Recent Datasets

Dataset Title Date Added  Organization Description 
Unit Status Detail June, 2018 Fire Department  Unit activity by case number, and status type and time.
EMS Calls for Service  June, 2018 Fire Department  Calls for service data by date, ZIP code and Aldermanic District.
Incident Detail May, 2018 Fire Department  Incident data by case number, location and status times
Lead Service Line Data May, 2018 Water Works  A list of properties that contain service lines made of lead within the City of Milwaukee. 
Streetcar Route 


Department of Public Works  The Milwaukee Streetcar projects 2.1 mile proposed initial route (or hub) would connect the intermodal station (Amtrak and buses) and it's 1.4 million annual users, the Third Ward (the fastest growing neighborhood in Milwaukee), East Town (with the largest concentration of jobs in the state), and the lower east side (the highest-density) residential neighborhood in Wisconsin).


Open Data word cloud


The City of Milwaukee is committed to proactively publish data in a structured standardized machine readable format to improve provision of services, increase transparency and access to public information, and enhance coordination and efficiency among departments, partner organizations and citizens.


Open Data icon with Milwaukee skyline silohette


The citywide data inventory is a detailed list of datasets that are maintained within city government.

City of Milwaukee Searchable Data Sets/Applications

Data Set



Legislative Reference Bureau Library Common Council  
Neighborhood Services System Neighborhood Services  
Licenses Issued By The City of Milwaukee City Clerk  
Licenses Applied For In the Past Year City Clerk  
Milwaukee Municipal Court Cases Municipal Court  
Current Milwaukee Fire Dispatched Calls for  Service ITMD Updated Every Five Minutes
Current Milwaukee Police Dispatched Calls for Service ITMD Updated Every Five Minutes
Street Parking Regulations by Street Address Public Works  
Lobbying/Lobbyist Information City Clerk  
Statements of Economic Interests Ethics Board  
Aldermanic District Statistics (COMPASS) ITMD View detailed information from your Aldermanic district
Census Tract Report Card (COMPASS) ITMD View detailed information from one or more census tracts
Community Mapping (COMPASS) ITMD Mapping application to track safety and other trends
Neighborhood Strategic Planning Statistics (COMPASS) ITMD View detailed information for each of the 18 Neighborhood Strategic Planning (NSP) districts
Police District Statistics (COMPASS) ITMD View detailed information from your Police district
Query and Download (COMPASS) ITMD Extract data based on various geographic features
2010 Demographic Data Report (COMPASS) ITMD View detailed information from an intersection given half-mile and one-mile radius


City of Milwaukee Downloadable Information

Data Set



Common Council News Releases Common Council  
Water Works Standards and Specifications Water Works  
Sister Cities Information Common Council  
Historic Preservation; Study Reports; Locally-Designated Sites, Districts, and Structures Common Council  


Open Data icon with Milwaukee skyline silohette

Open Data Portal Browser Compatability

For the best possible experience on the Open Data Portal use the most up to date versions of 

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11

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Mayor Barrett, City of Milwaukee to Join “What Works Cities” Initiative

Working with Bloomberg Philanthropies, Mayor Barrett and the City of Milwaukee will increase access to government data and support app development around City services and amenities. In addition, performance information will be provided for citizens to show them how City government is doing in delivering services effectively.