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Eligible Improvements

With Me², you can finance primary energy efficiency improvements and a limited number of supporting improvements.

Primary energy efficiency improvements include insulation, air sealing, high efficiency heating equipment, air conditioning, hot water heaters, and ENERGY STAR® rated windows

Primary energy efficiency furnaces and boilers must be eligible for incentives from the statewide Focus on Energy program. High efficiency hot water heaters and air conditioners are also eligible.   A minimum of 80% of the Summit loan on each project must be for primary energy efficiency improvements. For detailed specifications, please see page 2 of the Me² Project Detail Form

Insulation, air sealing, attic ventilation, and other "whole house" improvements must be completed under the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program. For these services, contact a Participating Me² contractor with the “Full Service” or “Insulation/Air sealing” symbol.

Heating and cooling upgrades may be financed by Me2 without having to complete a whole house energy assessment. These improvements include:

  • High efficiency furnaces (95%+ efficiency)
  • High efficiency furnace/air conditioning combo packages (95%+ efficiency)
  • High efficiency boilers (95%+ efficiency)
  • High efficiency air conditioners (SEER 14+)
  • High efficiency water heaters (storage EF .67+; condensing storage TE 90+;  tankless EF .82+)
  •  Geothermal heat pumps (EER 15+)

Support Measures: Up to 20% of the Summit loan (or up to 25% of the value of the primary energy efficiency measures) on each project may be for support measures that are necessary to install the primary energy efficiency measures or otherwise contribute to energy efficiency in the building. These include but are not limited to electrical upgrades, asbestos/vermiculite removal, oil tank removal, minor roof repair, minor carpentry work such as creating attic access, mechanical ventilation, and window or door replacements.

Solar energy improvements cannot be financed by Me2, but can be financed by the City of Milwaukee's Milwaukee Shines program. These loans are also through Summit Credit Union and have a very similar structure.

Mejoras Elegibles

Deben ser instalados por Contratistas Participantes con Me2. Ver para una lista completa

• Aislamiento térmico de ático y pared
• Sellado de aire (impermeabilizar y sellar los huecos que permiten
la entrada del aire exterior)
• Enfoque en Energía son elegibles Equipos de Calefacción, Refrigeración y de Ventilación
• Bombas de Calor
• Apoyando las mejoras de seguridad

New! Windows