2015 Commitment to Infrastructure

September 16th

The City’s High Impact Paving Program began its next street makeover Tuesday on South Muskego Avenue from West Becher Street to West Forest Home Avenue. The repaving on Muskego Avenue is the 11th such project either already completed or currently underway in 2014.
The High Impact Paving Program is part of the commitment by Mayor Barrett and the Department of Public Works for improving Milwaukee Infrastructure. The program began in 2013 with a budget of $1 million and primarily focused on downtown streets including Kilbourn Avenue, Water Street and Michigan Street. In 2014 the program budget was expanded to $3 million and has been implemented throughout the City.
Thus far, over a half dozen re-paving projects have been completed this year including parts of Hawley Road, Kinnickinnic Avenue and Prospect Avenue. Including today’s project on Muskego Avenue, four re-paving projects are underway and two more are still planned for 2014. The average replacement cycle for roads has dropped from 108 years in 2004 down to 72 years in 2015.
One of the commitments to infrastructure in 2015 will be the continuation of the High Impact Paving Program, which will have a budget of $2 million for the year. The technique used by this program, which includes removing old asphalt and replacing it with 2 inches of new asphalt, will also be applied to neighborhood streets. 36 miles of neighborhood streets are set to be re-paved in 2015 in addition to 8 miles of high impact streets.
In addition to improving City streets, Mayor Barrett’s proposed 2015 budget will call for continued rehabilitation of Milwaukee’s 21 movable bridges, increased funding for water main replacements and the replacement or relining of 32 miles of sewer.
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