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Community Food Organizations

This page created by Robert Strayhorn, our 2016 Earn & Learn high school intern!


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Walnut Way

  • Walnut Way Conservation Corp. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit neighborhood organization founded by residents in 2000.
  • Resident-driven programs focus on launching and sustaining experiential educational initiatives that inform and engage youth and adult residents in: Civic and community leadership, Housing construction, restoration, Stewardship of environmental resources, and Economic Development.
  • Residents and volunteers have five years of successful experience in urban-ecology-based initiatives, transforming their neighborhood via urban agriculture, art and neighborhood cohesion.
  • Create and manage gardening, wellness and nutrition programs for youth and adults. 
  • Blue Skies Landscaping division employs and trains neighborhood men in green infrastructure and landscaping skills. 
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Core El Centro

  • Non-profit organization offering natural healing and wellness services in Spanish and English on a sliding fee scale. 
  • Offers integrative healing services such as acupuncture, massage therapy and body work; gardening and nutrition programs; children's wellness; social change through community health advocacy; and movement classes. 
  • Goal of inspiring individuals, families and communities to achieve optimal health. 
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Elyve Organics

  • ELYVE (prounounced EE-līve), is a social entrepreneurship company based in Milwaukee, WI
  • Provides commercial and residential pick-up services of organic compostable materials and converts waste into premium organic products.
  • Organic mission to convert large quantities of agricultural waste into beneficial and environmentally safe products.
  • Strive to develop safe and biodegradable soil enhancers, organic composts and other organic based products in a cost effective and ecological manner.
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UW-Milwaukee County Extension

  • The University of Wisconsin–Extension (UW–Extension) is the outreach arm of the University of Wisconsin System.
  • Provides statewide access to university resources and research to all Wisconsin residents.
  • Extends throughout state via Cooperative Extension, Continuing and Online Education, Business and Entrepreneurship, and Public Broadcasting.
  • Created as a division of UW-Madison in 1906, and took its current form in 1965.
  • “We teach, learn, lead and serve, connecting people with the University of Wisconsin, and engaging with them in transforming lives and communities.”
  • Manages multiple, large community gardens in the area, provides gardening, nutrition and food processing classes, trains and mentors urban agriculture entrepreneurs.
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Alice's Garden

  • Two acre urban community garden located in Milwaukee
  • Place for reclaiming and nourishing cultural and family traditions connected to food and land.
  • Run by Venice Williams, has been in existence for thirty years, creates a place of hope, understanding and healing via a major food, flower and herb production garden at 21st & Garfield.
  • Alice's Garden and the associated Body & Soul Healing Arts Center offer a place for community coooking classes, indoor farmers markets, reading circles and is the home of the Milwaukee Food Council.
  • Offers various programming including Healthy Moms, Healthy Kids; Seedfolks Roots and Fieldhands and Foodways.
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Fondy Food Center

  • Fondy Farm Project established in 2010 to support farmers selling at the Fondy Farmers Market.
  • Connects Greater Milwaukee to local, fresh food – from farm to table – so that children learn better, adults live healthier, and communities celebrate cultural food traditions.
  • Fondy’s various projects work together to improve fresh, local food access for all Milwaukeeans while supporting small farmers.
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Teens Grow Greens

  • The foundational program of the 501 (c) (3) non-profit, We Grow Greens Inc.
  • Offers a nine month paid internship for teenagers where they develop skills through hands-on experience in responsibility, healthy living, leadership and entrepreneurship.
  • Vision to have each teenager leave feeling like a purposeful leader in their own life and the lives of others. 
  • Teen members grow food, create products and market them to the community.
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Groundwork Milwaukee

  • Part of the Groundwork USA network of independent, not-for-profit, environmental businesses called Groundwork Trusts.
  • Strong focus on the creation and management of Milwaukee's community gardens system. 
  • Green Team initiative hires at-risk youth and provides them with seasonal employment and job training. 
  • Mission to bring about the sustained regeneration, improvement and management of the physical environment by developing community-based partnerships which empower people, businesses and organizations to promote environmental, economic and social well-being.
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Victory Garden Initiative

  • Mission to build communities that grow their own food, creating a community-based, socially just, environmentally sustainable, nutritious food system for all. 
  • Believes that everyone can connect to their food source through the act of growing it.
  • Believe that growing food will reestablish individuals' connection to deep ecology, guide our culture towards a sustainable, abundant future, and free us from financial inequalities.
  • VGI's annual Blitz installs more than 500 raised bed gardens in the Milwaukee area during the month of May.
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Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers

  • Since 1969, Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers has provided high quality health care, health education and social services for residents of the multi-cultural neighborhoods on Milwaukee’s South Side.
  • Independent non-profit agency operating at five locations.
  • Only source of medical care for more than 7,500 individuals without any health insurance and nearly 19,000 patients who rely on the Medicaid program.
  • Comprehensive health services include adult and pediatric medicine, behavioral health services, social services, women’s health, HIV prevention and treatment and an array of other supplemental programs for their patients.
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Milwaukee Food Council

  • Works towards developing a common agenda to address food insecurity in Milwaukee, ensuring that ALL Milwaukee residents have geographic access to affordable, tasty, and desirable food that promotes positive health outcomes.
  • Meet every other month and create a network of organizations and individuals working toward the common goals of increased public health, fighting food injustice and a stronger local, healthy food system.
  • Committed to a healthy food culture that builds community, respects food sovereignty, connects people to the environment, promotes health, encourages food literacy, and embraces equity as an essential principle across the food system spectrum.
  • Currently in the process of moving to 501(C)3 status to better serve the local food community.
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MANDI 2015 On April 15th, HOME GR/OWN and its partners were honored to receive the LISC MANDI 2015 Brewers Community Foundation "Best Public Space" Award for Ezekiel Gillespie Park! On May 20th, Gillespie Park and its designers were honored with a 2015 Mayor's Design Award!

Home Gr/Own Mission

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HOME GR/OWN Milwaukee empowers residents to transform neighborhoods by transforming vacant lots into community assets that spark new economic opportunities around local, healthy food production and distribution and healthy, vibrant new community spaces.

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