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In October 2015, HOME GR/OWN's Partners for Places project was named the WINNER of the SXSW Eco international Places by Design contest in the Urban Strategies category.

Tim McCollow & Carolyn Esswein of the UW-Milwaukee School of Architecture and Urban Planning Community Design Solutions (CDS) 'pitched' on behalf of our many partners in Austin, TX, talking about Gillespie Park and our community engagement process and site designs for Partners for Places. Tim and Carolyn competed against initiatives from four other cities: Los Angeles, Seattle, Austin and Chicago.

CDS led our design team which included all the residents who participated in their design workshops.

It is a collective win for all of HOME GR/OWN's many partners repurposing vacant lots - especially design partners Walnut Way Conservation Corps' Blue Skies Landscaping and Simon Landscaping.

HOME GR/OWN's Partners for Places MKE work is a team effort of our major partners including: the Milwaukee Office of Environmental Sustainability, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Growing Power, Zilber Family Foundation, NML Foundation, Fund for Lake Michigan, David J. Frank Landscaping, Walnut Way, Groundwork Milwaukee, DPW Milwaukee, City CDGA, Mayor Barrett's Strong Neighborhoods Plan, the Milwaukee Common Council, Halquist Stone, City NIDC, the City of Milwaukee Department of City Development and all our neighborhood group partners and other partners.

To find out more about all the SXSW Eco competition winners, please visit their website!


Here are some of our award-winning designs



Dashboard Image

Dashboard Image

Dashboard Image

Dashboard Image













Tim McCollow
HOME GR/OWN Program Manager
(414) 286-3748


HOME GR/OWN and our partners were named MMSD's October 2017

Green Luminary for the Fondy Park stormwater

management project!



Aerial Footage of HOME GR/OWN sites

2017 Fondy Park - 2018 LISC MANDI

"Best Public Space"

Fly over the Fondy Park urban prairie as of July, 2018.

Fly over Milwaukee's newest eco-park, video as of 9/14/17.

New video about Fondy Park Grand Opening here.

Ezekiel Gillespie Park - 2015 LISC MANDI

"Best Public Space"

See a drone's-eye view of the park chosen for the 2015 MANDI

Award for Best Public Space and a 2015 Mayor's Design Award.

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