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Adams Park at 2nd & Vienna                     

This park was created in conjunction with the site's major partners: Riverworks Development Corp. (the site sponsor), Brico Foundation, HOME GR/OWN, Walnut Way, City NIDC and the 2015 Partners for Places initiative, led by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation.

Adams Park was conceived and designed to catalyze positive, healthy gatherings, programming and public art in North Harambee. After neighborhood workshops run by UWM School of Architecture and Urban Planning's Community Design Solutions, residents requested a plant-filled, open space and a "patio" gathering space. The park's centerpiece will be the artistic pergola and entryway that will be constructed on the patio area in 2016 - we thank partner Brico Fund for underwriting the public art installation.

Construction & Completion: September, 2015

Public art installation: Summer, 2016

Sustainable and Green Features of the park: 

  • Native Perennials & trees
  • A bike rack donated by partner Saris of Madison
  • 7 fruit trees, donated by partners Growing Power & Stark Nursery
  • In 2016, we are planning for a major public art installation at the entrance and on top of the stone gathering space.

CDS Vienna Concept drawing below depicts the pergola and entryway coming in 2016.



vienna before 1vienna before 2



Plan a visit: Adams Park is located in the North Harambee

neighborhood on the corner of 2nd and Vienna St


See Adams Park from the sky!

Watch a drone video of Growing Power's Will Allen and crew planting the fruit trees.



Environmental Collaboration Office







How You Can Help!

Funds donated to HOME GR/OWN will be used to support City-owned vacant lot projects which coincide with the following HOME GR/OWN objectives:

  • Increase access to local, healthy food
  • Revitalizing/engaging communities