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HOME GR/OWN - 2018/19 Northwestern Mutual Foundation Pocket Park Amenities Grant  

shade sail    


ECO HOME GR/OWN received a substantial grant from the Northwestern Mutual Foundation to take 3 2015 HOME GR/OWN pocket parks to the next level.

Grant objectives

  • Add amenities and create a sustainable maintenance plan for 3 pocket parks: Metcalfe Rising Park, 34th & Center in the Metcalfe Park neighborhood; Amani Community Orchard, 22nd & Locust and Dr. Carter Park, 24th PL & Burleigh in the Amani neighborhood.
  • Metcalfe Rising Park will add shade sails and a grill. Shade sails installed for fit in December, 2018, then removed for the winter.
  • Add greater and improved seating at all 3 sites. Trash cans at all 3 sites.
  • Landscape upgrades: more trees and shrubs, mulch, path maintenance and native plants/annual flowers.

Project Status - April, 2019

  • Shade sails will be reinstalled at Metcalfe Rising Park in April. Grill installation, spring 2019.
  • Arbor Day event planned to install new trees at Amani Orchard.
  • Carter Park will recieve new hardscaping via a City project not funded by NML, summer 2019.
  • Additional landscaping in spring 2019.

Project Status - December 15, 2018

  • Project is 70% complete
    • Shade sails and furniture installed at Metcalfe Rising Park in November, 2018; grill installation, spring 2019.
    • Major site cleanup at Amani Orchard this summer (thanks NML employee volunteers!); new furniture & trash can installed in November.
    • Major site cleanup at Carter Park this summer (ditto); new furniture and trash can installed in November.
    • Additional landscaping in spring 2019.


Tim McCollow
HOME GR/OWN Program Manager
(414) 286-3748


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