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Fondy Park Updates

2019 Update

  • Expansion of Fondy Market and Park stormwater management system finished in April as part of ISC project, now collecting rain water from 2 Market roofs.
  • The annual HOME GR/OWN pumpkin giveaway with Pete's Fruit Market was October 19th at Fondy Park & 3 other City sites. 350 pumpkins! Photos below.
  • The Park truly became a new neighborhood gathering space hosting Walnut Way's Harvest Day, #BigCleanMKE event and a Friday night music series, among others.
  • Saturday morning yoga sponsored by HOME GR/OWN returned to the park this summer with partner Zen Dragonfly
  • Fondy Park educational signage installation was installed this summer.
  • Fondy stage was stained.
  • Fly over Fondy Park as it looked October 9, 2019.  NEW

Scenes from the October 19th, 2019 5th annual Pumpkin Giveaway

Scenes from Fondy Park 2019

fondy aerial harvest day
Harvest Day 2019 Harvest Day 2019
Stormwater Expansion project Newly stained Fondy stage
New signage at the bioswale Other new signage
Tours to schools, conferences & more all year Fondy Park now part of Lindsay Heights Eco Tour

New Fondy Park Educational Signage


                      New Fondy Solar Install

Solar install on Fondy Mkt roof 6 panels, 1.8 kW solar system


aerial Fondy Park

Scenes from Fondy Park's 1st Summer

The City's new Imagination Station "big blue block" made 2 appearances at Fondy this summer. Summer yoga series on Saturdays, sponsored by HOME GR/OWN.
UW-Madison med students visting and working in the park. Fondy Park is the City's 2nd free, operating WIFI public access site and the 1st new site in 20 years.
1,000's of Black-Eyed Susan bloomed in July in the bioswale and the prairie! New educational Park signage being fabricated with October install time frame.
ISC Project partners at Alice's Garden. Alice's getting GI cistern and solar under the project. Fondy Park adding new solar power to be installed along with expansion of the rain water collection system in October/November, 2018. The bees and butterflies returned to the neighborhood with the 1,000's of flowering native plants in their first summer.


Fall 2018

  • Annual HOME GR/OWN pumpkin giveaway with Pete's Fruit Market was October 20th at Fondy Park & 3 other City sites. 350 pumpkins!
  • Solar power came to Fondy Market & Park in November - a 1.8 kW system.
  • Expansion of the rainwater catchment system will take place over the winter of 2018/2019, meaning Fondy Park will collect 30% more than the large number of gallons it already collects. Complete
  • Fondy Park educational signage installation was postponed due to the very cold November weather. Complete

August 2018:

It's been a great spring & summer at Fondy Park, as we move into Phase 2 of its build-out, after its Grand Opening in September, 2017.

Highlights of the spring and summer include:

  • Announcement of free public WIFI access at Fondy Park on August 25
  • Fondy Park hosts the city's first Big Clean MKE event
  • Preparation for 20,000 gallon expansion of the existing storm water management system (or green infrastructure, as we call it)
  • Design and planning for 2kW solar system to be installed on the grey roof portion of the Fondy Market
  • Final design and fabrication of the Park's educational signage
  • Fondy Park hosts Business Improvement District 32's summer party on August 4th
  • Installation of the corner sign, built by Milwaukee Blacksmith
  • Installation of the new pollinator garden
  • Installation of the new rain garden and herb garden
  • Saturday yoga classes sponsored by HOME GR/OWN
  • Two visits by City DPW MKE PLAYS's big blue blocks
  • Final landscaping around the stage; all landscaping done locally by Walnut Way's Blue Skies Landscaping
  • Stage roof added in March  PHOTOS HERE

In 2 major rain events, one in February (4" of rain) and one in June (3+" of rain), the Fondy Park site captured almost 70,000 gallons of rain water during each storm, preventing local basement flooding and helping keep Lake Michigan and our 3 rivers clean. #givethelakeabreak

What's next at Fondy Park? 

1) We will be expanding the amount of stormwater that Fondy Park can capture by tapping into the gutters of the major east/west structure overhead at Fondy Farmers Market next door and feeding that additional water into the bioswale. Our partners on that project are: Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC), Walnut Way's Blue Skies Landscaping, Rozga Solutions and GZA GeoEnvironmental. 

2) We are adding solar at the site! Under our grant with ISC, Blue Skies Landscaping will be adding solar to one of the market roofs to increase educational opportunities and lower costs at the site. The surrounding neighborhood has few solar installations for residents to learn about solar, but with ISC's help, we are adding 4 solar installs to the Lindsay Heights, North Avenue/Fond du Lac corridor, including 1 install at Fondy Park. #fondypark18

March 15, 2018: Fondy Park wins the 2018 LISC MANDI Award for Best Public Space! Watch the new video about the Park and Partners.

Fondy Park held its grand opening on September 16th, 2017!

The grand opening was celebrated with an event including food, music, dancing and yoga throughout the day! The park was converted from a vacant lot to a storm water park and a sustainable green space for the community. The new park features a main concert stage and ample space for community activities.

Fondy Park is a multi-year, public/private partnership led by ECO's HOME GR/OWN to convert a 3/5 acre City-owned vacant lot into Milwaukee's newest, most sustainable urban town commons.

On December 5 2017, the Milwaukee organization Local Support Initiatives Corporation (LISC) announced its Finalists for the prestigous annual MANDI Awards. Fondy Park was named a MANDI Finalist in the Brewers Community Foundation's Public Space category.  More info here.

A wonderful, new video from Fondy Food Center showcasing the Fondy Park Grand Opening & Fondy Market Centennial September 16, 2017

Detailed Information on Fondy Park's Sustainability Focus

Stormwater Management, Solar, and the Site's Remote Monitoring & Operations





Fondy Park has a number of sustainability features that will help reduce local flooding, reduce the water inflow to the sewerage district's pipes during significant rain or melting events, keeping Lake Michigan cleaner. The entire site is permeable (absorbs water): the bioswale, path, sod and prairie. The site collects 71,000 gallons of water during a 24 hour rain event!

The site features:

  1. Gutters & downspouts  that collect rain off of the Fondy Market's buildings, along with a "street cut" (new to Milwaukee) collects water that would normally flow into a Meincke Avenue storm sewer and brings it onto the site, out of the sewer system.

  2. A 2,500 square foot bioswale that will temporarily hold water in a meadow-like area, reducing  pressure on the sewer system during a storm,

  3. Remote control of this stormwater system by Veolia/MMSD to control water inflow and outflow,

  4. A roof-mounted solar system provides power for the Market and the Park

  5. Native perennial plantings, along with a seeded urban prairie, providing food and shelter for pollinators like birds, grasshoppers, bees and butterflies.

The Development & Construction of Fondy Park

The Vision

HOME GR/OWN asked UWM Architecture School's Community Design Solutions (CDS) to take the idea of the Fondy Park and create the initial design concepts that allowed the community to envision the potential for this vacant lot transformation into a new, community eco-park. The CDS designs drove our design, planning and budget process as we transformed their ideas into the final site construction plan shown above.

Phase 1: Construction timing: May, 2017 - August, 2017 (Complete October 12, 2017)

Phase 2: Construction timing: April, 2018 - March, 2019

The Basics

Update September 2017: Grand Opening Day was September 16! Prior to that, construction continued primarily on the fence, stage and tables. The fence and tables look great! The stage will be mostly finished and usable for our September 16th opening. Plants and sod getting watered daily by Walnut Way's Blue Skies Landscaping. It's been dry! Trash cans and recycling being installed week of 9/9.  

Update July 2017: Construction kicked off in mid-month with Rozga Plumbing constructing the last stormwater management piece, the "street cut": we are pulling rain and precipitation directly off of Meinecke Avenue into the Fondy Park - so innovative, we think it hasn't been done in the City to date. We are getting rid of summer weeds (Walnut Way Blue Skies Landscaping)as we prepare for adding the top soil and getting to finish grade (Simon Landscaping). That is all before David J. Frank Landscaping begins construction of the hardscape paths near the end of the month.  Fabrication of the fence continues also by Frank Landscaping. Again, we thank David J. Frank himself for his extremely generous donation of the path work and the fence! Cool, custom tables are being built by local artist Ray Chi. We have picked a contractor to build the stage. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee and the Greater Milwaukee Synod of the ELCA have generously donated towards the purchase of trees for the Park as part of their new Reformation 500 project to plant 500 trees across Milwaukee! Thank you Archdiocese and the Synod!

Update June 2017: We are blessed by the recent support of both the Zilber Neighborhood Initiative and the Greater Milwaukee Foundation. Their strategic investments in Fondy Park will create a more attractive neighborhood gathering spot. The vast majority of the stormwater management features have been installed as of June 6 - downspouts to the bioswale, rock trenches between downspout and bioswale, the bioswale itself (planting later), bioswale piping, wiring for Veolia/Opti bioswale remote monitoring and operation, Opti control system, install of 22,000 pound dry vault, trap manhole install, street cut for overflow. FLY OVER FONDY PARK DURING WEEK 3 CONSTRUCTION

Update May 2017:

The City and its partners have begun to build a vibrant park just west of the Fondy Farmers Market on 22nd and Fond du Lac Avenue. Our Environmental Collaboration Office HOME GR/OWN leads a partner team including: Fondy Food Center, Reflo, ReciproCITY, Energy Exchange, City Departments of Public Works and City Development, Fund for Lake Michigan, North Ave/Fondy BID #32, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, UWM School of Architecture and Urban Planning's Community Design Solutions and Mayor Barrett's Strong Neighborhoods Plan. Our primary contractors are Simon Landscaping, Rozga Plumbing, Allcon Electric and special thanks to David J. Frank Landscaping who generously donated a new custom fence and materials and installation of our hardscape paths! This site has been vacant for decades - in 2001, a cancelled warehouse project left the site with above-ground foundation walls that will be incorporated into the design.

Phase 1 was built in 2017, installing a complete stormwater management system and a hardscaped, landscaped park. Given the size and scope of this project, it is a multi-year project from the start. Resident and stakeholder outreach and design sessions along with neighborhood surveying to solicit advice, comments and design ideas lasted from November, 2016 through February, 2017.

Fondy Park wins MMSD Green Luminary Award!

Plan a visit! Fondy Park is at 2200 block of Fond du Lac Avenue,

immediately west of the Fondy Farmers Market and just north

of North Avenue (corner of Meinecke & Fond du Lac).

Fondy map

HOME GR/OWN is now on Instagram! Follow us @homegrownmke

Fly over Fondy Park during week 3 construction here!

See what Fondy Park looked like in 2016 before construction here!

Thank You To Our Fondy Park Partners!


  • Fondy Food Center
  • Reflo
  • ReciproCITY
  • Energy Exchange
  • David J. Frank Landscaping
  • Zilber Neighborhood Initiative
  • Greater Milwaukee Foundation
  • Milwaukee School of Engineering
  • UWM SARUP Community Design Solutions
  • Redevelopment Authority of Milwaukee
  • City of Milwaukee Department of City Development
  • North Avenue/Fond du Lac Avenue BID #32
  • Alice's Garden
  • City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works
  • North Avenue Commercial Corridor Team
  • Metropolitan Milwaukee Sewerage District
  • Fund for Lake Michigan
  • Veolia Water
  • Opti
  • GZA GeoEnvironmental
  • Mayor Tom Barrett's Strong Neighborhoods Plan
  • Rozga Plumbing & Heating
  • Simon Landscaping
  • Walnut Way Blue Skies Landscaping
  • Allcon Electric
  • Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee
  • Greater Milwaukee Synod of the ELCA
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