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ECO HOME GR/OWN's 2017 North Avenue Greenscaping Project - Bronzeville Projects on 6th & 7th Streets

North Avenue investments demonstrate City's continued committment to neighborhoods

Bronzeville has new energy with the openings of the Garfield Street School apartment project, the Griot

the new Black Holocaust Museum and Pete's Fruit Market. ECO, City DCD, RACM and the Bronzeville Advisory Committee

have wanted to honor that work and help where we could. Since ECO's HOME GR/OWN specializes City vacant lot improvements,

we focused on two, long-vacant lots in the neighborhood, with the goal of beautifying them in the interim until potential development.


The two vacant lots selected for greenscaping were:

1) the northwest corner of 6th & North, untouched for decades,

2) the northwest corner of 7th & Garfield, visible from the I-43 North Avenue off-ramp.


6th & North "After" Photos
construction construction After
Rubble covered up, ready for grass to grow Mid-construction with concrete still visible Side view - no more concrete, just dirt and grass!


7th & Garfield "After" Photo
long view
Summer 2018 photo looking northeast


"Before" Photos - before the greenscaping:

Bronzeville Greenscaping "Before" Photos
 6th and North aerial 7th & North aerial
Aerial view of 6th & North showing longtime concrete rubble Aerial view of 7th & Garfield site showing extent of asphalt coverage








December 2018 update: After some 2018 car damage to the 6th & North site, ECO is evaluating a landscaping repair project for 2019. 

With support from the City of Milwaukee, the Lindsay Heights neighborhood and the North Avenue commercial corridor have seen a surge in catalytic investment in the last two years. To build on this momentum of neighborhood reinvestment, the City and its partners launched a multi-year program in 2016 to enhance the appearance of the North Avenue commercial corridor west of I-43, specifically targeting North Avenue between 8th Street and 27th Street. In 2017, we expanded east of I-43 on North Avenue down to 5th Street.

Specific 6th & North project goals include:

  • Covering up concrete rubble - Completed August 2017
  • Planting grass over new "domed" landscape - Completed August 2017
  • The above steps will create a simple grassy area, hiding concrete rubble that was visible for decades.

Specific 7th & Garfield project goals include:

  • Removal of the asphalt that once covered 75% of the site - Completed August 2017
  • Planting grass in the interior, creating a grassy space where there was once asphalt - Completed August 2017
  • Pruning and weeding of existing overgrown shrubbery and trees on the perimeter - Completed August 2017
  • Planting 100 native grasses along 3 sides of the lot to provide a pleasant view for pedestrians and motorists - August 2017
  • Create a green, sustainable gateway to the Bronzeville neighborhood for the 1000's of daily motorists using the I-43 exit ramp


Recent Bronzeville-North Avenue catalytic developments completed or in progress:

Pete's Fruit Market                   Community Warehouse

Historic Garfield Apartments      The Griot    



Tim McCollow
HOME GR/OWN Program Manager
(414) 286-3748


North Avenue - Bronzeville 

Streetscaping Partners

  • Mayor Tom Barrett
  • Bronzeville Advisory Committee
  • Alderwoman Miliele Coggs
  • City Environmental Collaboration Office
  • Office of the Mayor- Strong Neighborhoods
  • City Department of City Development
  • City Department of Public Works
  • City Redevelopment Authority
  • David J Frank Landscaping