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ECO HOME GR/OWN's 2017 North Avenue Greenscaping Project
Bronzeville Projects on 6th & 7th Streets

North Avenue investments demonstrate City's continued committment to neighborhoods

  • Bronzeville has new energy with the openings of the Garfield Street School apartment project, the Griot
  • the new Black Holocaust Museum and Pete's Fruit Market. ECO, City DCD, RACM and the Bronzeville Advisory Committee
  • have wanted to honor that work and help where we could. Since ECO's HOME GR/OWN specializes City vacant lot improvements,
  • we focused on two, long-vacant lots in the neighborhood, with the goal of beautifying them in the interim until potential development.

The two vacant lots selected for greenscaping were:

1) the northwest corner of 6th & North, untouched for decades,

2) the northwest corner of 7th & Garfield, visible from the I-43 North Avenue off-ramp.

6th & North "After" Photos

Rubble covered up, ready for grass to grow Mid-construction with concrete still visible Side view - no more concrete, just dirt and grass!


7th & Garfield "After" Photo

Summer 2018 photo looking northeast


"Before" Photos - before the greenscaping:

Bronzeville Greenscaping "Before" Photos

Aerial view of 6th & North showing longtime concrete rubble   Aerial view of 7th & Garfield site showing extent of asphalt coverage








December 2018 update: After some 2018 car damage to the 6th & North site, ECO is evaluating a landscaping repair project for 2019. 

With support from the City of Milwaukee, the Lindsay Heights neighborhood and the North Avenue commercial corridor have seen a surge in catalytic investment in the last two years. To build on this momentum of neighborhood reinvestment, the City and its partners launched a multi-year program in 2016 to enhance the appearance of the North Avenue commercial corridor west of I-43, specifically targeting North Avenue between 8th Street and 27th Street. In 2017, we expanded east of I-43 on North Avenue down to 5th Street.

Specific 6th & North project goals include:

  • Covering up concrete rubble - Completed August 2017
  • Planting grass over new "domed" landscape - Completed August 2017
  • The above steps will create a simple grassy area, hiding concrete rubble that was visible for decades.

Specific 7th & Garfield project goals include:

  • Removal of the asphalt that once covered 75% of the site - Completed August 2017
  • Planting grass in the interior, creating a grassy space where there was once asphalt - Completed August 2017
  • Pruning and weeding of existing overgrown shrubbery and trees on the perimeter - Completed August 2017
  • Planting 100 native grasses along 3 sides of the lot to provide a pleasant view for pedestrians and motorists - August 2017
  • Create a green, sustainable gateway to the Bronzeville neighborhood for the 1000's of daily motorists using the I-43 exit ramp

Recent Bronzeville-North Avenue catalytic developments completed or in progress:

Home Grown Eco City of Milwaukee

Tim McCollow
HOME GR/OWN Program Manager
(414) 286-3748


North Avenue - Bronzeville 

Streetscaping Partners

  • Mayor Tom Barrett
  • Bronzeville Advisory Committee
  • Alderwoman Miliele Coggs
  • City Environmental Collaboration Office
  • Office of the Mayor- Strong Neighborhoods
  • City Department of City Development
  • City Department of Public Works
  • City Redevelopment Authority
  • David J Frank Landscaping