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TB Clinic Services

Treatment of TB Disease

This includes medication for the treatment of TB disease, necessary lab work and x-rays.  Family centered case management including Directly Observed Therapy (DOT) is provided.  

TB Preventive Therapy

This includes medication (usually Isoniazid), lab work, x-ray and follow-up to prevent persons from developing "active" TB disease.

Contact Investigation and Examinations

A contact is someone who has spent time with a person with infectious TB.  Contact investigations identify persons who may have been infected.  The TB Clinic provides this testing and appropriate treatment.

Evaluation of Reactive TB Skin Tests

A person with a reactive skin test, who has no other source or care, may get an evaluation at the TB Control Clinic.  The evaluation may include; lab tests, x-rays and a health assessment.

Consultation to Health Care Provider

The knowledge and expertise of the staff at TBCC is valuable city resource and is shared with other health facilities and practitioners in the area.

Community Education and Information

The TB Control Clinic staff acts as a resource for Tuberculosis information and  education in the community.

Refugee Screening

The TB Control Clinic offers free screening, immunizations, and Public Health Nurse follow-up for all new refugee client.