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Men's Health Center

The City of Milwaukee Health Department offers a one-stop shop for Milwaukee’s men. We give assistance and referrals for a broad range of issues, from blood pressure to housing.  A Public Health Nurse is available to deliver health promoting check-ups to individuals and prevention education to groups.    The Men’s Health Centers provide resources to help men access assistance and live longer healthier lives.

Why is Men's Health Important?

  • Men in Milwaukee have higher rates of heart disease, cancer-related deaths, homicide, and suicide as compared to Milwaukee women, Wisconsin men, and men in the US.1-8

  • Men in Milwaukee are twice as likely to lack healthcare coverage as compared to women in Milwaukee, and over 60% more likely to lack healthcare coverage as compared to Wisconsin men.2,9

  • Some 46.8% of working-age Milwaukee-area black males were not in the labor force last year, according to the Center for Economic Development at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. That compares with 17.9% of white men and 22.7% of Hispanic men, based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey.

These differences point to men’s health as a priority area in preventing illness, injury, and early death in Milwaukee.

For details on the references noted above, click here.

What Services are provided at the Men’s Health Center?

  • Health Checks including blood pressure, weight, & height (when Public Health Nurse available)

  • Service needs assessments

  • Information to help men quit smoking

  • Guidance and assistance to enroll in state health benefits programs

  • Referrals to community partners for drug & alcohol counseling, medical care, housing assistance, job information, fatherhood programs, and other services aimed at helping men

Who is eligible?

Any Milwaukee male age 14 and older. Insurance is not required.

Where do I go?

The Men’s Health Center is open at the following times and locations:

Keenan Health Center, 3200 North 36th Street

  • Mondays from  11:30am to 4:45pm

  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:00 am to 4:15 pm

  •  Thursdays from 12:30pm to 7 pm*

Northwest Health Center, 7630 West Mill Road

  • Mondays from   8:15am to 4:pm*

  • Wednesdays from noon to 3pm*

  • Thursdays from 11am to 4pm

  • Tuesdays, and Fridays from 8:00 am to 4pm*

*denotes days and locations when Public Health Nurse is available

Call 414-286-6756 with questions or to set up an appointment.

What can I do on my own?

Learn about your risk factors, and the take the right steps to improve your health.  Click here to get started!