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Fire Prevention Permits

A Fire Prevention Permit is an annual inspection and permit fee required to occupy certain types of buildings that have a higher degree of risk due to the type of activity or the type of material being utilized in the building. Some examples are buildings with a high occupant load such as places of assembly, shopping malls, or areas where large numbers of people congregate. Other occupancies involved are facilities that handle certain types of materials or gases that have the potential to cause injury or death by virtue of their nature or the quantity being stored.

The Fire Prevention Permit (FPP) process begins with an application for the FPP. The application contains self-help instructions to aid the owner in identifying items and areas of concern subject to permit. After the application is completed, an inspection is scheduled. During the inspection the inspector verifies the information on the permit and determines that the appropriate measures are in place to deal with the level of hazard. Once approved by the inspector, a permit is issued and a notice of fee is sent out.

Below you will find all the forms related to the Fire Prevention Permit.

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Fire Prevention Permit Application (DNS-131)

Use this form to apply for a Fire Prevention Permit. Instructions are included in the application. After the application is submitted, an inspection is scheduled and the conditions indicated on the application are verified. If all is up to code, the permit is granted and the appropriate fees are assessed.

Fire Prevention Permit Hazardous Material Worksheet (DNS-132)

Use this worksheet to determine the amounts of hazardous material you utilize at a location to aid in determining the applicable code requirements for the Fire Prevention Permit.

Fire Prevention Permt Hazardous Materials Instructions (DNS-132B)

These are the instructions on how to fill out the DNS-132 Hazardous Materials worksheet.

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