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Fire Cadet

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Are you a 17 - 19 year old with high integrity who cares about Milwaukee and wants to represent positive change in our community?  The Fire Cadet program will be the ideal path for you to earn money while you develop the skills you'll use in a career as a Firefighter/Paramedic.  This unique position provides the opportunity to help Milwaukee’s citizens every day, while also focusing on the your educational, physical fitness, personal and professional development.

Fire Cadets are full-time uniformed civilian employees who serve in a 2 year apprentice-style program.  After completion of the program Cadets are given preferential entry to the following Firefighter recruitment class.  The Fire Cadet Program consists of academic and physical training conducted by the MFD along with several of our community partners at sites throughout Milwaukee County.  The organization of the Fire Cadet Program closely follows the semester schedule of most Milwaukee Area Colleges and Universities.

Why Choose to be a Fire Cadet?

  • To make positive changes in your community

    • You'll be directly helping to make Milwaukee a better place every day.
  • To earn a competitive salary

    • The annual starting salary is $23,437 for residents of the City of Milwaukee, and $22,862 non-Milwaukee residents, in addition to a generous benefit package. 
  • To gain skills and prepare for a rewarding and stable career

    • As an apprentice-style program, you'll be receiving valuable training that upon completion will lead to a career as a Firefighter with the Milwaukee Fire Department. 
  • To further your college education

    • Not only will you be learning on-the-job, but through the Fire Cadet program you’ll begin work towards an associate degree by completing college credits while maintaining a minimum 2.0 college GPA.  Tuition reimbursement is available.

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