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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can file a complaint?

A complaint can be filed by anyone that observes or experiences inappropriate conduct committed by an employee of the fire or police department.

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How do I file a complaint?

Filing a complaint is not difficult. We have a citizen complaint form to assist you with organizing the information related to your complaint. The form asks you to provide a description of the incident, your name, and a means of contacting you. Once you've completed the form, deliver it in person or send it by postal mail, fax, or email to the Fire and Police Commission.

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How do I get a complaint form?

You may obtain a complaint form by phone, postal mail, fax, email, our website, or from various community organizations.

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What happens after I filed my complaint?

After the complaint is received a Commission investigator will contact you. If we determine that the Commission has authority over the complaint it may be referred to our mediation program, to the Chief of Police or Fire Chief for action, or referred to the citizen board for a complaint trial.

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What is mediation?

Mediation is a meeting between the employee, the person filing the complaint, and a professional mediator to resolve the issues that led to the filing of the complaint.

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What is a complaint trial?

It is a quasi-judicial administrative hearing to determine whether the employee violated a rule or standard of the department. The person filing the complaint, along with the employee and witnesses tell the citizen board what happened. 

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What can the Fire and Police Commission do about my complaint?

The Commission can suspend, demote, or discharge department members from employment. They can also issue policy or training directives to help the employee do their jobs better.

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Can I get paid for my damages?

The Commission does not have the authority to award any money damages. Claims for money damages must be filed separately with the Milwaukee City Clerk, 200 E. Wells St., Room 205, Milwaukee, WI 53202.

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How can I get on the Fire and Police Commission?

The seven (7) citizen board Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor of Milwaukee and approved by the Common Council. Commissioners serve overlapping five-year terms, and receive a salary of $6,600.00 per year.  To submit your name for consideration go to

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How can I contest a traffic citation or a parking citation?
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Can I pay a parking citation online?

Yes. Click here to pay your citation on line.

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To speak with a Fire and Police Commission staff member, please call 414-286-5000 or send an email to



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