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The requirements to run for an elected office in the City of Milwaukee are basically outlined in the Declaration of Candidacy form. The body of the oath lists the requirements including:

  1. A minimum of 18 years of age.
  2. U.S. citizenship
  3. Residency:
    The residency requirement is linked to the position. Therefore if it is a citywide office that the candidate is seeking, the residency must be within the city limits. If it is the Aldermanic position, then the candidate must have residency within the Aldermanic District. The candidate's residency must be established and confirmed by the election date.
  4. Not have been convicted of a felony in any court in the United States for which the candidate has not been pardoned. (see attached) 

How to Run for Public Office in the City of Milwaukee

This website was created to assist citizens who are considering a bid for elected office. This cursory review does not replace the candidate's responsibility to review Chapters 5-12 of the State Statutes governing the election process.


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