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Diversion and Recycling Facts and Figures

  • Composting helps you reduce the volume of your waste that ends up in landfills and can help you save over $100/year on landfill costs
  • Organic materials like paper, paperboard, yard trimmings and food are the largest component of municipal solid waste (MSW) generated, yard trimmings and food accounting for 28.2% of this waste
  • Recycling and composting of MSW results in greenhouse gas emissions reductions
  • In 2014, the 89 million tons of MSW recycled and composted provided an annual reduction of over 181 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent emissions

The Importance of Composting

Composting can...

  1. Reduce the need for chemical fertilizers
  2. Enhance water retention in soil, leading to healthier plants and higher agricultural crop yields
  3. Capture and destroy 99.6% of industrial volalite organic chemicals in contaminated air
  4. Provide carbon sequestration
  5. Reduce the volume of organic waste that fills up nearly 25% of landfills

How Milwaukee is Helping

The Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education group in collaboration with the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District have began a green infrastructure pilot program to spread composted food and yard waste on lawns in the 53212 ZIP code as a means to soak up storm water and keep lake michigan clean. About 25 homes have already been approved to participate in the pilot. This pilot not only works to utilize compost, but also hopes to expand storm water retention and water sanitation.

Organics Collection Pilot Program

  • Offered 3rd cart for food waste and yard debris to be collected for composting in dedicated pilot zones
  • Residents paid monthly service cost of $12.75
  • 500 total subscribers
  • Within first full 12 months of service:
    • 358,700 total pounds collected
    • 717 cumulative pounds per house
    • Average 17 pounds per pick up

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