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  • Am I eligible to participate in the Me² program?

  • You are eligible for energy-efficiency incentives if your home meets the following criteria:
  • Located within the City of Milwaukee.
  • Single-family home, duplex, or triplex (3 units or less)
  • Owner of building must be listed as an individual and not as a trust, LLC, or form of business.
  • No delinquent property taxes due to the City of Milwaukee.
  • Work must be performed by a Participating Me2 contractor. Me2 cannot finance do-it-yourself projects.I
  • In general, qualified loan applicants will:
  • Meet eligibility requirements listed above
  • Be employed for the past 12-24 months
  • Have a debt to income ratio less than 45%
  • No minimum credit score requirement. Applicants with lower
    credit scores must have a longer recent employment history
    and lower outstanding debt obligations.

Usted es elegible para los incentivos de energía-eficiente y financiamiento si su casa cumple con los siguientes criterios:

  • Localizada dentro de la Ciudad de Milwaukee
  • Ocupada por el propietario de casa o no ocupada por el propietario de casa*, casa de una familia, duplex, o triplex (3 unidades o menos).
  • El propietario del edificio debe ser catalogado como un individuo y no como un fideicomiso, LLC, o forma de un negocio
  • No deber impuestos de la propiedad a la Ciudad de Milwaukee
  • Me2 no se basa en ingresos
    * Opciones de financiamiento y reglas del programa pueden ser
    diferentes para casas que no están ocupadas por el propietario. 
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What improvements are eligible for Me² Financing?

With Me², you can finance primary energy efficiency improvements and a limited number of supporting improvements.

Primary energy efficiency improvements include insulation, air sealing, high efficiency heating equipment, and high efficiency hot water heaters. 

Primary energy efficiency furnaces and boilers must be eligible for incentives from the statewide Focus on Energy program. High efficiency hot water heaters and air conditioners are also eligible  A minimum of 80% of the Summit loan on each project must be for primary energy efficiency improvements. For detailed specifications, please see page 2 of the Me² Project Detail Form

Insulation, air sealing, attic ventilation, and other "whole house" improvements must be completed under the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program. For these services, contact a Participating Me² contractor with the “Full Service” or “Insulation/Air sealing” symbol.

Heating and cooling upgrades may be financed by Me2 without having to complete a whole house energy assessment. These improvements include:

  • High efficiency furnaces
  • High efficiency furnace/air conditioning combo packages
  • High efficiency boilers
  • High efficiency air conditioners
  • High efficiency water heaters
  • Geothermal heat pumps

Support Measures: Up to 20% of the Summit loan (or up to 25% of the value of the primary energy efficiency measures) on each project may be for support measures that are necessary to install the primary energy efficiency measures or otherwise contribute to energy efficiency in the building. These include but are not limited to electrical upgrades, asbestos/vermiculite removal, oil tank removal, minor roof repair, minor carpentry work such as creating attic access, mechanical ventilation, and window or door replacements.

Solar energy improvements cannot be financed by Me2, but can be financed by the City of Milwaukee's Milwaukee Shines program. These loans are also through Summit Credit Union and have a very similar structure.

Mejoras Elegibles
Deben ser instalados por Contratistas Participantes con Me2. Ver para una lista completa

  • Aislamiento térmico de ático y pared
  • Sellado de aire (impermeabilizar y sellar los huecos que permiten
    la entrada del aire exterior)
  • Enfoque en Energía son elegibles Equipos de Calefacción, Refrigeración y de Ventilación
  • Bombas de Calor
  • Apoyando las mejoras de seguridad
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What Financial Assistance is available?

Me² helps you finance energy efficiency improvements so you can pay for them as you save on your energy bills. Summit Credit Union provides homeowners with the option of low interest financing with terms up to 15 years with no home equity required! Plus Me² makes it easy for you to take advantage of Focus on Energy Cash Back Rewards!

And Me² has a variety of financing options to meet the needs of any size commercial business. Me² offers Small Business financing through Summit Credit Union for projects up to $20,000.

Solar energy improvements cannot be financed by Me2, but can be financed by the City of Milwaukee's Milwaukee Shines program. These loans are also through Summit Credit Union and have a very similar structure. Homeowners can get both an Me2 loan and a Milwaukee Shines loan.

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What if I don’t qualify for the program?

The Me² program provides financing to help homeowners pay for energy saving upgrades as they save on their energy bills. Depending on your income level, you may qualify for other programs and incentives, and we’d like to help you find the program that is right for you. Go to Home Energy Plus to learn more about the state's Weatherization and Energy Assistance Program.

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Does the program cover windows, electrical upgrades or other home improvements?

It can. Me2 loans through Summit Credit Union cover primarily improvements that are eligible for incentives from Focus on Energy, but up to 20% of the total loan value can be for non-energy efficiency improvements that are part of the energy efficiency home upgrade, such as electrical upgrades, asbestos removal, and even windows.

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If homes are suppose to “breathe” can’t sealing them up too tightly cause indoor air quality problems?

It’s true a certain amount of fresh air is needed for good indoor air quality. However, natural ventilation often over ventilates, sometimes under ventilates, but rarely ventilates the right amount. By tightening or sealing up the home and then adding mechanical ventilation you provide the proper quantity but also control where the air comes in and out of the home. By tightening up the home and controlling ventilation you improve indoor air quality, building durability and comfort, plus you save energy. For more information, specifications that set the minimum amount of fresh air needs for a home can be found on the ENERGY STAR® website.



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How do I become a Participating Me² Residential Contractor?

To become a Participating Me2 Residential Contractor, you must:

a) be a Focus on Energy Trade Ally.  If you wish do insulation work in the program, you must additionally be a Trade Ally in the Focus on Energy Home Performance with Energy Star program (not required for HVAC-only contractors, electricians, and other supporting contractors); and

b) be a licensed Home Improvement Contractor in the City of Milwaukee; and

c) Complete the Me2 Program RFQ. The RFQ contains labor standards outlined in a Community Workforce Agreement passed by the Milwaukee Common Council. Please email to be emailed a copy of the document once its available.

Affidavit Form 1
This form must be completed by employees seeking certification to meet the Resident Preference Program (RPP) as outlined in the Labor Standards section on page two of the RFQ. Employees must take the completed form, along with one of the proof of residency documents (as outlined in the Form 1 document), to one of the three organizations listed in the Labor Standards section on page four of the RFQ to be notarized.

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How do I become a Participating Me² Commercial Contractor?

To be listed as a Participating Me² Contractor, you must complete the Me2 Program RFQ.

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Am I to be paid directly by the resident?

It depends. If the homeowner is participating in the Me² financing program, you will be directly paid by the Me² bank partner, such as Summit Credit Union. With homeowner authorization, you can receive a 30% down payment from Summit

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Can I be working on more than one Me² project at a time?



Do I need to pay Prevailing Wages for Me² projects?

No. However, the Me2 Contractor Participation Agreement outlines applicable wage floors.

Under the homeowner program, Contractors must pay workers at least $17/hour, including deferred compensation.

Under the commercial program, Contractors must pay their workers $27/hour or the prevailing wage if they are a union contractor.

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What are the benefits to my business if I become a Participating Contractor?

Me² will make available the following services and support to its Participating Contractors:

• Select mentoring and training.
• Promotion in program marketing.
• Listing on the Me² website. Homeowners must select contractors from this list to be eligible for Me² financial incentives.
• Affiliation with Focus on Energy's Home Performance with ENERGY STAR and access to Home Performance with ENERGY STAR marketing toolkit.
• Program support and training on reporting and payment procedures.

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Can I talk to someone if I have more questions?

Yes, for additional information on the policies, procedures, and incentives offered through Me², please email



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