Current Safe Routes to School Projects

City staff and community members at a walk event for HW Longfellow

The City is currently working on SRTS projects at 8 local schools. These projects began in early 2020 with public engagement workshops, community walks, online meetings, and surveys. Design plans are now finalized. Construction is expected to begin in 2022. 

Allen-Field Elementary

Allen-Field Elementary is an MPS school located along Lapham Boulevard between Milwaukee's Walker's Square and Historic Mitchell Street neighborhoods. Based on community feedback from online surveys and a September 2020 community walk, street improvements will focus on improving the crossing of W Lapham Blvd at 7th St. Curb extensions will shorten the crossing distance for students and flashing beacons will help make people walking more visible to drivers. 

Bethune Academy

Mary McLeod Bethune Academy is located in Milwaukee's Walnut Hill and Washington Park neighborhoods on N 35th St. The City worked with the Bethune community at a March 2020 public workshop and September 2020 community walk to identify safety problems, design improvements, and select the best plan. Ultimately, the community chose a variety of improvements to streets and intersections bordering Bethune Academy. These include traffic circles to slow traffic, curb extensions to make crossings shorter, and high visibility crosswalks to make people walking more visible to drivers. 

Choice Neighborhood

Milwaukee's Choice Neighborhood is located in Northwest Milwaukee off West Silver Spring Drive and consists of Westlawn Gardens and the surrounding community. Several schools in Milwaukee's Choice Neighborhood are participating together in the city's Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Implementation project. Together, Browning School, Kilbourn Elementary, Kluge School, and Carmen Middle/High School form one of eight projects chosen for the city's SRTS Implementation project. Based on community feedback from online surveys and a September 2020 community walk, improvements will focus on making crossings of major roads easier for students, particularly along W Silver Spring Dr. 

Clarke Street School

Near Milwaukee's historic Sherman Park and Metcalfe Park neighborhoods, Clarke Street is located alongside busy N 27th St, W Center St, and W Fond du Lac Ave. Based on feedback from online surveys and an online public meeting in Fall 2020, improvements will focus on making key intersections safer. Specifically, the intersections of N 27th St & W Clarke St and N 29th St & W Center St will become safer for students crossing with the addition of curb extensions, high visibility crosswalks, and crossing signs. 

Greenfield Bilingual

Found in Milwaukee's Burnham Park neighborhood, Greenfield Bilingual is located on S 35th St, directly across the street from Burnham Park itself. The Greenfield Bilingual community shared where they see traffic safety problems, ideas for design improvements, and selected their preferred plan at a March 2020 public workshop and September 2020 community walk. Ultimately, the community focused on improving conditions along W Mitchell St. This includes a traffic circle, speed hump, and future curb extensions to slow drivers and make it safer for children to cross the street.

HW Longfellow Elementary

HW Longfellow School is a bilingual elementary school teaching students up to 8th grade in Milwaukee's Clarke Square neighborhood. Longfellow is next door to Clarke Square Park and a short walk from the Mitchell Park Domes. HW Longfellow hosted a public workshop in February 2020 and a community walk in September 2020. Based on feedback from these events and online surveys, street improvements will focus on improving crossings of W Mineral St and S 22nd St with curb extensions. Additional planned improvements include crosswalk markings and a speed hump. 

Lincoln Avenue Elementary

Lincoln Avenue Elementary is a bilingual MPS elementary school located along Lincoln Avenue in Milwaukee's Near South Side, just down the road from Kosciuszko Park. Lincoln Avenue Elementary kicked off the first round of public workshops for Milwaukee's Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Implementation Project in January 2020, and hosted a community walk in September 2020. At these events, community members shared safety concerns primarily about 3 key intersections. Street improvements were designed to make the intersections of W Lincoln Ave & S 18th St, W Hayes St & S 19th St, and W Grant St & S 20th St safer for children crossing with traffic circles and curb extensions.  

Milwaukee College Prep - Lola Rowe

Established in 2014, Lola Rowe is one of four Milwaukee College Prep schools in the city. The school's K4 - 8th grade students share a building with the Northside YMCA on the busy corner of W North Ave and Teutonia in the Lindsay Heights neighborhood. Based on feedback from online surveys and meetings with staff, street improvements near the school will be focused on slowing traffic along N 14th St with speed humps and a traffic circle. Additional improvements include flashing beacons to make children crossing more visible to drivers at the intersection of W North Ave & N 14th St. 


Stay tuned for updates.

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