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Kinnickinnic River Trail Connections 

The City will install up to 2 miles of all ages and abilities (AAA) bicycle facilities to create an on-street connection between two disconnected sections of the Kinnickinnic River Trail (KKRT) and the City’s on-street bike network. AAA bicycle facilities are bikeways that are comfortable for riders of all experience levels, including children and older adults, and typically include protected bike lanes (PBLs)and/or traffic calming elements. This project will also include an improved trail crossing across S. 16th St. at the Kinnickinnic River to connect two sections of the KKRT to be completed as part of a flood management project. In addition to the immediate trail connections, these new facilities will link to the Hank Aaron State Trail, segments of the Oak Leaf Trail, and many other existing on-street bicycle facilities.

This project will assist the City in realizing the goals set forth by the 2010 Milwaukee by Bike Plan, including shifting trips from single occupancy vehicles (SOVs) to other modes. To meet the goals of the plan, five percent or more of all trips in the City of Milwaukee should be made by bike by 2020. Research suggests that at least 51% of people are “interested but concerned” in regards to bicycling, meaning they require physical bicycle infrastructure improvements before they will want to ride. Along with other planned improvements, over 14,700 people within ¼-mile of the KKRT and the new bikeways will be able to bike downtown and other destinations along the corridor. The AAA facilities constructed through this project will attract new riders, thus diverting trips from SOV to bicycling. Based on current KKRT trail counts, the City estimates that up to 47,450 new bicycle trips per year will result from these improvements. Diverting more trips from SOV to bicycling will contribute to lower emissions and reduce traffic congestion.

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