Bike Lanes

A person biking in a bike lane with helmet and backpack on.

Milwaukee Department of Public Works is adding new bike lanes as streets are repaved and as grant money allows. 

The on-street bikeway plan identifies 145 miles of high priority streets for bike lanes. There are over 85 miles of bike lanes completed to date. 

A diagram showing that vehicles should not park in bike lanes.

Motor vehicles are not allowed to use bike lanes as travel lanes. Vehicles are only allowed to enter bike lanes in the circumstances described in state statute 346.94(12) DRIVING ON BICYCLE LANE OR BICYCLE WAY.

No operator of a motor vehicle may drive or park in a bike lane or bike way, except when entering a driveway, merging into a bike lane before turning at an intersection, or entering or leaving a parking space located adjacent to the bike lane or bike way. Drivers are not allowed to drive in the bike land even to pass other motorists. 

Illustration of proper use of bikers and vehicles in travel lanes. Road users should use caution in shared spaces. Motorists must yield to through bikers when turning.

Persons operating a motor vehicle in a bike lane or bike way must yield the right-of-way to all people using bikes and electric personal assistive mobility devices.



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