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Sick & Disability Leave

(Chapter 350-37)

The following applies unless covered by a contract elsewhere.

Sick and disability leave will cover necessary absences from an employee's duties because of the employee’s personal illness or pregnancy-related disability, bodily injury or exclusion from employment because of exposure to contagious disease by the employee. In addition, an employee may request the substitution of sick leave for family leave under the state family and medical leave act, s. 103.10, Wis. Stats. Employees may not use sick and disability leave for furlough days. Employees may accrue time earned for sick and disability leave purposes while serving mandatory furlough time.

Eligible employees accrue 3.7 hours of sick leave for each two weeks of service up to a maximum of 960 hours. Employees who have accumulated a balance of greater than 960 hours as of January 1, 2012, shall be allowed to retain their balance but shall not be granted additional leave until their balance falls below 960 hours.

Employees are eligible to use accrued sick leave (no waiting period for new employees).

Time spent and charged to “069 time” is 8 hours a year, up to 2 hours each appointment.

At any point during the employee’s use of sick and disability leave, the department head may require a statement from a private physician or dentist certifying the nature and seriousness of the sickness or pregnancy-related disability, or a certificate of an authorized and recognized Christian Science practitioner certifying that the employee is under Christian Science treatment.

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If absent more than three (3) working days, the following form must be completed by your doctor and must be attached to the (CBP-156):