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Accrued Time-Off Donor Program


Milwaukee Code of Ordinances Section 350-45 authorizes the Department of Employee Relations (DER) to administer the Accrued Time-Off Donor Program (ATODP) to assist City employees who have exhausted all paid leave when the employee or an immediate family member is suffering from a terminal or major catastrophic illness as certified by a physician. Employees who would like to receive donor time must submit an application for the Accrued Time-Off Donor Program to the DER.

Employees interested in donating time will be permitted to donate whole-hour increments of accrued vacation hours, compensatory hours, and/or holidays off to a designated employee who is deemed eligible under program guidelines. Employees are not allowed to donate sick leave hours, negative balance hours or any other accrued time off not specified in the ordinance.


  1. The employee or his/her authorized agent is responsible for completing the application and obtaining a physician’s statement certifying that the employee or the employee’s immediate family member meets the program’s medical requirements of a terminal or major catastrophic illness.  An illness would qualify if it is life threatening, terminal or a medical condition that will result in a substantial permanent disability within the next year.  The completed application and the physician’s statement should be returned to the HR Compliance Office at the Department of Employee Relations.
  1. The City of Milwaukee reserves the right to require the employee to obtain a second opinion from a physician the employee chooses as to the nature of the physician’s diagnosis and prognosis contained in the physician’s statement at his or her own expense if not covered by the employee’s group insurance carrier.                                                                                                                           
  1. No determination regarding eligibility to receive donated time shall be made until the DER Director has reviewed and approved the physician’s statement certifying that the employee or the employee’s       immediate family member is suffering from a terminal or major catastrophic illness. The Director will also verify that the employee has exhausted all of his or her accrued time off. The decision of the Department of Employee Relations with respect to eligibility shall be final. 
  1. Employees approved to participate in the program and receive donations of time will be notified by the DER. The maximum permissible donation is 2,080 hours per illness.
  1. Donated time will be credited to a special account established by the City of Milwaukee for the purpose of the Accrued Time-Off Donor Program.  In the event that the program participant does not utilize the entire donation, any remaining balance shall revert to the City of Milwaukee.  Donated time may only be used to cover absences while the employee is participating in the program.
  1. Pay code 943 must be used in the time entry for usage of the donated time. Payments received under this program are considered other income and under the IRS guidelines will be included in the employee’s W-2 reporting.  Employees are reminded to review their income tax withholdings and adjust them if necessary.
  1. Employees receiving donations of time as a program participant may request, in writing, to be notified of the names of employees who donate time.
  1. The employee is responsible for providing periodic updates affecting program participation to the DER.
  2. Program participation ends as soon as the employee or the employee’s family member is no longer being treated for the illness.
  3. Contact the ATODP Administrator with any questions:

 Leave Administration Coordinator
City of Milwaukee, Department of Employee Relations
City Hall, 200 E. Wells St, Room 706
Milwaukee WI 53202-3515

Please contact the Leave Administration Coordinator at x2358 ( prior to completing and submitting the following forms: 
(Please do not print mass copies as the forms are subject to updates.)