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Military leave, for the duration of the period of service, is granted to all City employees called to active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States. Tenure and the right to return to your former position, or a similar one, are retained provided you apply for reinstatement within prescribed time limits following your separation. 

War veterans who belong to the National Guard or any other organized reserve unit are granted leave with full pay during their unit’s annual training period. Non-veterans who belong to such reserve units are also granted leave for annual training. If a non-veterans’ military pay is less than the employee’s regular City pay, the City will pay the difference between the employee’s military pay and the City pay to guarantee the employee a combined amount equal to the City pay. This in no way affects vacation rights.

  • Form CS-11,  Pay Request for Military Training Leave or Riot or Civil Disturbance Duty: MS Word  /  Adobe PDF

For more information on fringe benefits for the active employee in Military Service go to

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