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Important Notice About DER's Reception Area: To help protect the health and safety of the Department of Employee Relation's (DER) workforce during this period of uncertainty, the reception area will be closed to walk-ins until further notice.  To speak with a DER representative call (414) 286-3751.

To schedule a meeting or complete step 2 of your I-9, call (414) 286-3751 and your call will be directed to the appropriate personnel.

Compensation Services Division

The Compensation Services Division provides a full range of services and initiatives within a highly regulated environment. We strive to maintain a comprehensive and competitive total compensation plan for all City of Milwaukee employees, and to continuously provide management with clear and consistent compensation tools that contribute to the success of overarching mission of the Department of Employee Relations (DER). As a means of supporting all departments within the City of Milwaukee, the Compensation Services Division:

  •  Serves as the primary source for consultative expertise on all classification and compensation matters
  •  Collaborates with client management in the resolution of complex compensation issues
  •  Provides expert advice on best practices
  •  Ensures compliance with City ordinances, policies, active unions, and state/federal compensation laws

Important Information Regarding 2015 Pension Contribution Changes


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Pay Services

Our mission is to provide an internal, objective audit of the City’s HCM system on a daily basis to ensure the accuracy and data integrity of all electronic personnel records.  As a means of supporting all departments within the City of Milwaukee, the Pay Services team:

  •  Monitors and maintains accuracies in HCM transactions
  •  Ensures compliance with City ordinances, policies, active unions, and state/federal compensation laws
  •  Facilitates regular training to individuals responsible for pay administration and HCM entries
  •  Looks for opportunities to increase system efficiencies

Payroll FAQ for PP#13 Residency Incentive & Salary Adjustment (07.02.19)

Learn more about the pay administration process and access forms and information.


We also develop, administer, and ensure quality management of all City compensation policies, guidelines, and procedures related to staff employees. This set of tools is intended to assist management in making sound decisions regarding employee pay, based on objective job-related criteria, in a consistent, non-discriminatory manner and in compliance with applicable Federal and State laws.

In an effort to promote informed, data-driven compensation decision-making, external competitiveness, and internal equity, we design and implement all strategic City compensation initiatives based on regular job market reviews, general compensation trends, internal staffing trends, and researched cost-benefit analyses. We develop and maintain the City’s salary plans for all employees (including temporary, seasonal, provisional, and exempt, etc.), oversee classification development and the overall salary administration for all employees.

Learn more about the classification process and access forms and information.

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