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Recap of District Block Watch Meeting, 11/04/2013

The 6th District Captain, Diana Rowe was at our meeting. She started off comparing crime stats from 2007 to 2013 from January 1st to October 30th and found there was a 14% reduction in overall crime during that time period. And for violent crime there was a 29% reduction and for robbery there was a 42% reduction. However, for burglary there was a 31% increase. The Captain also went on to add that we have one of the lowest crime rates in the city.

In the 6th District aggravated assaults are almost always by people that know each other. That is, there are very few stranger on stranger assaults.

There was an increase of motor vehicle thefts. But since the group of youths that perpetrated those crimes were apprehended there was a reduction in motor vehicle thefts. The Captain also noted that 6th District police have an 80% recovery rate of stolen vehicles.

The biggest category of car thefts are Honda's made between 1994-1999 since they are "very" easy to steal. It is recommended that some anti-theft device be purchased to help prevent the theft of those vehicles.

The highest crime rate is along KK which mirrors crime stats in the city where 27th Street and other similar areas have higher crime rates than just the residential areas.

There have been a number of initiatives that have helped. For example, Bay View High School students primarily take school buses now instead of the county bus which reduces the roaming around of students. Last year that was a problem as students that had behavioral issues who attended evening school caused several of acts of crime.

Since the shooting occurred last week the Police Chief has assigned a Police Neighborhood Task Force to the north end of Bay View until the end of the year. This provides us with an infusion of extra cops.

After the Captain left I took a list of names of people that wanted to start a block watch and will be contacting them to start ones in their neighborhoods. I also gave people my cell phone at 414-405-1483 to text or call me after they call the police. I may be able to arrive before the police and use my name as a complainant so the neighbors need not fear retaliation. If anyone reading this wants a block watch then please contact me and we will set one up with you.

Similarly, if you have a problem house or other nuisance issue then please contact me so I can meet with you and work to address the issue. We need to deal with problem houses head on and get them out. If we don't' the good people next door will move and we will get more trouble moving in next door. By contrast, we get those troublemakers out we can replace them with quality people.

We have to be aggressive and vigilant on attacking crime. Most recently, I co-sponsored a budget amendment adding more cops to our force. A strong police presence always helps as part of the holistic approach to public safety.

I also explained that as our district continues to gain more business development and improves there will be more quality people that will want to live here and that will help improve our public safety record.

Based upon the police statistics I believe that the growing social network makes people become more aware of crimes which leads to a perception that there is an increase in crime when in reality the district as a whole is experiencing a reduction.

I am scheduling another district wide block watch meeting sometime in January. Meanwhile, if there are additional questions or comments you can email me at
Thank you,
Alderman Tony Zielinski


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