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8th District News Releases

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Dec. 30 Anonymous donor pledges $10,000 in matching funds to help orphans

Dec. 27 Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan: Happy Holidays: Fired transit worker gets Scrooged

Dec. 20 Fund for orphans left in wake of murder-suicide to be announced today

Dec. 12 MEDIA ADVISORY: Aldermen Donovan and Pérez to address shooting, neighborhood concerns

Dec. 12 City employees and retirees deserve the truth


Dec. 5 Statementfrom Alderman Bob Donovan: Attack gives Milwaukee a bloody, broken nose

Dec. 3 Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan: Alderman Donovan to Mayor Barrett: “What is happening with the streetcar project?”

Nov. 26 Bequest honors World War II veteran, will add police vehicle to city fleet

Nov. 19 Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan: Murder milestone signals a tipping point

Oct.29 New anti-prostitution initiative meeting with success on South Side

Oct.22 Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan: Public deserves open process on Malcolm X sale and sales of other public buildings| RESOLUTION

Oct.18 Alderman Donovan to Host Town Hall Meetings

Oct.10 Statementfrom Alderman Bob Donovan: Mayor urges Alderman Donovan to run for DA

Oct. 8 Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan: Twelve infants die in co-sleeping deaths in 10 months in Milwaukee – where is the outrage?! | Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan: Enough is enough with co-sleeping deaths

Sept. 30 Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan: Barrett’s 100 cops just won’t cut it

Sept. 13 Statement of Alderman Donovan: What kind of city are we becoming?

Sept. 13 Alderman Donovan to honor local heroes Saturday

Sept.11 Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan: Time for County Executive to urge reallocation of streetcar funds | LETTER

Sept. 9 Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan: Nothing substantive has changed, and nothing substantive will change

Sept. 4 Neighborhood Ambassadors to again provide boost to near south side neighborhoods

Aug. 27 Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan: Donovan urges merger of MPS public safety with MPD | LETTER

Aug. 20 MEDIA ADVISORY: Speaker Vos, Sen. Darling and other legislators to join Alderman Donovan on neighborhood walk

Aug. 12 Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan: Mayor's MPD overtime math doesn't add up

Aug. 7 Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan: Blame the state, pass the buck, mission accomplished

Aug. 5 MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Donovan reaches out to Governor Walker on Milwaukee’s drumbeat of deadly violence | LETTER | Statement from July 29, 2013

July 29 Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan: Where’s the Outrage? Wake Up Milwaukee!

July 23 Common Council members call on state to house sex offenders elsewhere

July 1 Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan:Barrett & Council to Walker and Legislature: “Give me my ball, I’m going home”

June 28 Operation Harden the Target aims to help cut crime in near south side area

June 5 Commercial corridors could get surveillance cameras under city program

May 31 Statement fromAlderman Bob Donovan: Business moving from Milwaukee = wake up call

May 29 Operation Impact alley lighting initiative expands to Burnham Park

May 9 Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan: Common sense prevails on downtown streetcar project

May 8 MEDIA ADVISORY: Proposal to boost MPD overtime, add 20 officer recruits to get committee hearing

May 2 Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan: Alderman Donovan calls for increasing police overtime funding, adding 20 new officers | EMAILS

Apr. 29 MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Donovan looking for answers after large fight with shots fired gets no response

Apr. 16 Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan:Blaming and criticizing job creating businesses is a dumb thing to do

Mar. 27 Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan: State legislation will effectively kill the downtown streetcar project

Mar. 26 MEDIA ADVISORY: Youth Council sends a message to Mayor, Common Council

Mar. 21 MEDIA ADVISORY: News conference will announce Sunday rally at Serb Hall

Mar. 11 Statement of Alderman Bob Donovan: Alderman Donovan calls for hiring 300-400 new police officers; points to New York City's example

Mar. 5 MEDIA ADVISORY:Alderman Donovan streetcar news conference will feature anti-rail expert

Feb. 22 Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan In Derek Williams case, "justice" is in the eye of the beholder

Feb. 18 Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan: If residency requirement is lifted, Mayor Barrett needs to look in the mirror to see who's to blame

Jan. 30 Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan: Two more reasons to say "NO!" to the downtown streetcar

Jan. 30 MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Donovan releases plan to revitalize Milwaukee’s downtown | DOWNTOWN MILWAUKEE:

Jan. 28 MEDIA ADVISORY: Presentation set for commendation marking Catholic Schools Week

Jan. 25 Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan: Instead of lifting residency requirement, let's expand school choice and fix the "funding flaw" | Letter to Governor Walker

Jan. 14 Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan: Enough is enough with co-sleeping deaths

Jan. 10 MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Donovan to recognize heroic wife of store owner


Dec. 11 STATEMENT: Alderman Donovan on FPC’s change of heart in Schoen case sets dangerous precedent

Dec. 7 STATEMENT: Alderman Donovan on Commission’s decision to reconsider should not be based on pressure

Nov. 28 STATEMENT: Alderman Donovan on Be careful calling the MPD – you could be the one getting the ticket

Nov. 19 MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Donovan to recognize heroic efforts of police aide, citizens

Oct. 11 STATEMENT: Alderman Donovan backs MPD, Chief Flynn on Williams case

Sept. 24 STATEMENT: Alderman Donovan on How will Milwaukee Police Department handle extra work?

Sept. 21 STATEMENT: Thanks to rally attendees, and Mayor Zeidler's position on streetcars

Sept. 18 MEDIA ADVISORY: Referendum push will be key focus at tonight’s anti-streetcar project rally at Serb Hall

Sept. 17 STATEMENT: Alderman Donovan on DCD’s Rocky Marcoux is cleared by DA’s Office | Letter

Sept. 7 MEDIA ADVISORY: Rally against streetcar project will be Sept. 18 at Serb Hall

Sept. 6 STATEMENT: Alderman Donovan on Protests at Palermo’s not good for business

Sept. 4 Alderman Donovan to announce two crime prevention efforts on city’s near south side

Aug. 17 STATEMENT: Where my loyalties rest

Aug. 15 Alderman Donovan to announce new efforts in fight against streetcar

Aug. 14 STATEMENT: Alderman Donovan says We need a real public safety strategy, not another street roll call | Email re: Orchard St. shooting

Aug. 13 STATEMENT: Alderman Donovan to Mayor: Start paying attention to Milwaukee

July 25 STATEMENT: Alderman Donovan on WeTip has made a difference in Milwaukee

July 5 West Allis votes to oppose the Downtown Streetcar

June 27 Neighborhood Ambassadors to again tend to near south side neighborhoods

June 22 STATEMENT: Alderman Robert G. Donovan on hearing regarding MPD crime statistics

June 18 Operation Impact 2012 ready for launch

June 15 MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Donovan will hold streetcar project rally, petition drive Saturday | Letter to mayor

June 14 STATEMENT: AldermanRobert G. Donovanon MPD should release crime data records

June 1 STATEMENT: MacIver Institute report on streetcar should not be ignored | LRB Highlights Statement

May 22 MEDIA ADVISORY: News conference today to keep up streetcar hold pressure

May 15 MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Donovan will hold streetcar project news conference | Letter to mayor

May 11 MEDIA ADVISORY: City Assessor to appear Monday at Judiciary and Legislation Committee

Apr. 19 MEDIA ADVISORY: Letter to Mayor: Alderman Donovan urges streetcar project hold, asks for public vote | Letter

Feb. 2 STATEMENT: Portion of trolley money should be used to protect bus riders

Jan. 10 MEDIA ADVISORY: Police Chief and Sheriff to appear Wednesday at Public Safety Committee


Nov. 17 Statement of Alderman Bob Donovan: Streetcar Project Being Rammed Down Our Throats

Oct. 24 STATEMENT: Hiring Laid-Off Sheriff’s Deputies Could be a Win-Win Option for City | Letter to Chief Flynn

Oct. 7 MEDIA ADVISORY: Streetscaping Project for Layton Boulevard to be Announced on Monday

Oct.5 Officials: Downtown Streetcar Money Should be Used for MCTS Buses | Letter to Rep. Gwen Moore

Sept. 30 MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Donovan will help Honor 94-year-old Crossing Guard

Sept. 22 MEDIA ADVISORY: Ceremony Today for Jackson Park Neighborhood Marker

Sept. 21 Generous Donations for MPD Bicycle Officers to be Announced

Sept. 21 MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Donovan to take Part in Clean Up News Conference TODAY

Aug. 17 MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Donovan Releases 10-Point Plan for Milwaukee | STATEMENT: Action Plan | Enclosures

Aug. 5 We’re Reaping the Harvest We’ve Sown

July 28 Benefit Event Friday & Saturday Set to “Honor Our Local Heroes”

July 21 Alderman Donovan to Receive National WeTip Award

July 18 Donovan Calls for a Referendum on Downtown Streetcar

June 21 MEDIA ADVISORY: Town Hall Meeting Tonight on Redistricting Plan

May 25 Operation Impact Enters its 4th Year of Bolstering Public Safety

May 17 Neighborhood Ambassadors to be Introduced Wednesday

May 5 STATEMENT: PETA: A Chuck Roast Short of Common Sense

Apr 13 STATEMENT: Ald. Donovan on Chief Flynn and OpenSky Records

Apr. 12 STATEMENT: Indiana County’s No Confidence Letter about OpenSky Forwarded to Alderman Donovan | Letter

Apr. 8 Additional Surveillance Cameras Coming to Cesar Chavez Dr.

Mar. 21 Alderman Donovan: Newly Released Documents Show OpenSky “Bid Rigging”

Mar. 8 STATEMENT: Alderman Donovan Says Mayor Has Explaining & Apologizing to Do

Feb. 28 STATEMENT: End the Circus, Solve the Problems

Feb. 3 STATEMENT: City Needs to Mount Full-Court Press on Snow Cleanup; Focus on Garbage Collection a HUGE Mistake


Dec. 20 STATEMENT: Ald. Donovan on Six Common Sense Steps to Begin a Bradley Tech Turnaround | 2007 MPS News Release

Dec. 9 Ald. Donovan Issues Subpoena to Police Chief Edward Flynn | Subpoena

Dec. 7 STATEMENT: Alderman Donovan Regarding Bradley Tech News Blackout

Dec. 6 Arrests of Robbery Suspects Eases Fears

Dec. 4 - CANCELED - MEDIA ADVISORY: Layton Boulevard Upgrades to be Detailed at News Event

Dec. 4 MEDIA ADVISORY: Layton Boulevard Upgrades to be Detailed at News Event

Dec. 2 MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Donovan to Present Honor to 100-year-old Wal-Mart Greeter

Oct. 11 Alderman Donovan seeks OpenSky records

Sept. 29 STATEMENT: MPS Failures Continue to Fuel Poverty in Milwaukee

Sept. 27 Alderman Donovan: Mayor’s Proposed Budget Doesn’t Pass Smell Test

Sept. 24 Benefit Event Saturday Set to Thank Milwaukee Police Officers

Aug. 11 City Anti-Graffiti Efforts to Receive Big Boost from Operation Impact

Aug. 9 STATEMENT: Pres. Hines and Alderman Donovan Commend Officers, Urge Residents to Cooperate with Police

Aug. 9 New “Rhino” to Track Possible Criminal Activity

Aug. 3 MPS Rec Cancels All Ages Graffiti “Art” Course

July 22 STATEMENT: Ald. Donovan onNew Information on TRUE Skool, Inc. and Graffiti

July 19 MEDIA ADVISORY: Cabs on Patrol (C.O.P.) Program Puts Cab Drivers on Watch

July 19 CORRECTED MEDIA ADVISORY: Graffiti “Art” Has Alderman Irate

July 19 MEDIA ADVISORY: Graffiti “Art” Has Alderman Irate

July 13 Citizens to Patrol Milwaukee’s Jackson Park Neighborhood

June 28 Administration Asks MPD to Enforce Smoking Ban in Taverns

June 23 MEDIA ADVISORY: Proposal to Expand Operation Impact in Response to Business Petition | STATEMENT | Mission Statement | Letter to Pat Curley | Letter to Mayor with Signatures

June10 MEDIA ADVISORY: South Side Graffiti News Conference Now Set for 11:00 a.m. Today

June 9 MEDIA ADVISORY: South Side Seeing Graffiti Explosion; News Conference Called for 1:00 p.m. Thursday

May 17 No Occupancy Permit, No Problem for Sex Offenders to Live Down the Block

May 10 STATEMENT: This “Bob” Says “No!” to Downtown Trolley

May 5 Operation Impact 2010 to Build on Momentum of Successful First Two Years

Apr. 29 STATEMENT: New MPD Crime Numbers Are Good News, But City Not in Position to Keep the Trend Going, Alderman Donovan Says

Mar. 29 STATEMENT: Alderman Donovan on New MPD Pursuit Policy | MEDIA ADVISORY: MPD Changes Pursuit Policy; Alderman Donovan to Hold News Conference

Mar. 15 Alderman Donovan Says He Refuses to Accept Early Release Felons | Letter to Governor Doyle

Feb. 26 MEDIA ADVISORY: School’s Life-Saving Cardiac Response to be Recognized During Friday Event

Feb. 25 MEDIA ADVISORY: School’s Life-Saving Cardiac Response to be Recognized During Friday Event

Feb. 23 Acting Fire Chief to Discuss Mutual Aid Pact at Public Safety Committee

Feb. 16 MEDIA ADVISORY: Store Owner who Fought Off Armed Robbery Attempt to Receive Citation

Feb. 8 Common Council to Hear from Milwaukee Bucks’ Hammond, to Deal with MFD Staffing, Licensing and Razing Issues

Jan. 19 MEDIA ADVISORY: Fire Department’s Staffing & Equipment Shortfalls Exposed by Pizza Man Fire; News Conference Called for 1:30 p.m. Today

Jan. 13 MEDIA ADVISORY: File Urges Study of Consolidation or Merger of City, County, & MPS Services & Agencies | Related Files

Jan. 6 MEDIA ADVISORY: Fire Department “Brownouts” to be Aired at Public Safety Committee

Jan. 5 MEDIA ADVISORY: Polish Dancers, Area Dignitaries to Welcome Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki

Jan. 4 STATEMENT of Ald. Bob Donovan: Let’s Place the Blame Where it Truly Belongs


Dec. 16 STATEMENT: Alderman Bob Donovan RegardingOpportunities Lost in Milwaukee

Dec. 10 Public Safety Threatened by Pending Fire Department “Brownouts”

Dec. 9 Private Alarm Companies to Appear Before Public Safety Committee

Nov. 19 STATEMENT: Alderman DonovanOutraged at Tavern Licensing “Double-Standard”
Ladybug Club Police Report | Jersey's Police Report | Questions Police Report | Questions Meeting Minutes

Oct. 13 MEDIA ADVISORY: Special Public Safety Meeting Tomorrow

Oct. 10 MEDIA ADVISORY: Sunday Public Rally for Public Safety

Oct. 7 Citizens, Cops and Firefighters to Rally for a Better Milwaukee

Sept. 30 STATEMENT: Alderman Donovan Regarding Police Officer Shot Serving Warrant

Aug. 31 Alderman Donovan Calls for MPS Vision Plan Going Forward | Letter | MPS Restructuring Plan

Aug. 24 STATEMENT: Alderman Bob Donovan on Mayoral Control of MPS

Aug. 20 M&I Bank Celebrates Re-Opening in South Side Neighborhood

Aug. 5 Massive Graffiti Tag Moves Up News Conference

Jul. 22 MEDIA ADVISORY: Change of Heart: Mayor’s Use of Police Chief at Fundraiser Will Benefit Officers | Letter to Mayor

Jul. 15 MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Alarmed by Mayor’s Use of Police Chief at Fundraiser | Letter to Mayor

Jul. 6 MEDIA ADVISORY: Police Officer Who Helped Catch Gun Suspects to be Honored

Jun. 29 Laying Down the Law on Fireworks

Jun. 12 Community Event Set for June 20th to Thank Milwaukee Police Officers | Event Flyer

Jun. 3 State Budget Item Could Spoil School’s Success Story

May 27 Operation Bass Busters Back & Looking to Empower Citizen Complainants

May 22 MEDIA ADVISORY: Safe Summer News Conference on Memorial Day

May 19 MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Donovan Vents on Smoking Ban in Letter to Mayor | Ald. Donovan's Letter to Mayor Barrett

May 5 STATEMENT: Ald. Donovan on Today’s Statewide Smoking Ban Hearing

Apr. 29 Administration Looking to Close Four Libraries; Irate Aldermen to Sound Off

Apr. 21 STATEMENT: Ald. Donovan Says All is Quiet After Release of MPS Audit

Apr. 14 For Sale Vehicles Will Need Permit if Parked on Public Property

Apr. 9 STATEMENT: Ald. Donovan on MPS ReviewFindings

Apr. 7 MEDIA ADVISORY: “Operation Payback” Part II: HOC Inmates to Perform Community Service Today

Apr. 3 MEDIA ADVISORY: “Operation Payback” Part II: HOC Inmates to Perform Community Service Tuesday

Apr. 1Operation Impact to be Bigger, Bolder in Second Year

Mar. 31 Operation Impact to be Bigger, Bolder in Second Year

Mar. 30 MEDIA ADVISORY: Bagpipes, Irish Dancers and Dignitaries to Offer Rousing Farewell to Archbishop Timothy Dolan

Mar. 27 City’s TID Districts Could Provide Millions for Local Street Work, Create Jobs

Feb. 20 STATEMENT: Alderman Donovan On Early Inmate Release Proposed In State Budget Plan

Feb. 17 MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Donovan Asks for Governor’s Assistance to Bring Changes to MPS, Bradley Tech | Ald. Donovan's Letter To Governor Doyle

Feb. 13 STATEMENT: Alderman Donovan On Bradley Tech Melee

Jan. 16MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Joined By Residents To Discuss Court Decision On La Espanola

Jan. 15Alderman Blasts Courts For Overstepping Bounds


Dec. 26Alderman to Speak On Potential Public Safety Crisis

Dec. 22Alderman Donovan: “All I Want for Christmas is an Appointed MPS Board”

Nov. 21 STATEMENT: Ald. Bob Donovan Blasts Mayor's MFD Budget Veto

Oct. 24 Alderman Donovan Will Look at Seceding 8th Aldermanic District From MPS

Oct. 17 Initial Results of Operation Impact to be Shared Tuesday

Oct. 3New Security Initiative Gives Postal Carriers Safe Havens

Sep. 26 Golf Outing Next Week to Benefit Operation Impact

Sep. 22 School Plan Goes To Mayor

Sep. 22Ald. Donovan's Letter To Mayor And School Plan

Sep. 19Ald. Donovan Ready With Schools Plan

Sep. 8Council To Vote On Ordinance Requiring Surveillance Cameras For Taverns

Aug. 26MEDIA ADVISORY: District Attorney Asked to Probe Allegations Against MPS Board Member Charlene Hardin

Aug. 26 Letter From Ald. Donovan To District Attorney Chisholm

Jul. 23 Alderman Asks For Citizen Court Monitoring

Jul. 15STATEMENT: Ald. Bob Donovan On July 4 Homicide Suspects

Jul. 9It’s The Law: Citizens Can Help Stamp Out Street Noise

Jun. 27 WARNING: Fireworks Penalties & Fines Have Exploded Sky High

Jun. 23 Operation Impact Beat Cops Hit Streets Today

Jun. 13 Operation Impact Camera Helps Nab Suspect 36 Hours After Being Installed

Jun. 4 Public-Private Partnership To Target Crime And Aims For Sudden Impact, Alderman Says

Jun. 4 Operation Impact Report

May 7Aldermen & Cops Declare War On Street Noise

May 2 Cops & Kids Team Up For Cleanup

Apr. 15 MEDIA ADVISORY: Vandals To Begin Community Service Wednesday As Part Of "Operation Payback"

Mar. 31MEDIA ADVISORY: News Conference At 3P.M. To Address Hmong Protest Of MPD Case

Mar. 31 CORRECTION: Police Officer's Name In Earlier Statement Incorrect

Mar. 31 STATEMENT: Ald. Donovan Comments On Hmong Protest

Mar. 19 Aldermen Call On State Legislature To Pass Property Tax Inflation Relief

Mar. 4 City Neighborhoods Face Crisis As Anti-Graffiti Funding Dries Up, Aldermen Say

Feb. 27 Alderman Calls On Mayor & Governor To Champion "Common Sense" Election Changes

Feb. 19 Snow Removal & Other City Services Taking Back Seat To Staffing Polls, Alderman Says

Feb. 14 Mayor Continues To Duck Real Issues Strangling Milwaukee, Alderman Says

Jan. 25 City Gets Restraining Order In Action Against Gang-Controlled House

Jan. 16 City To Shut Down Gang-Controlled House


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