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4th District News Releases

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Dec. 20  One-stop city resource guide needed for home buyers, owners  |  RESOLUTION
Dec. 10 
Transit system bidders will address Public Transportation Review Board
Dec. 5  Bike-sharing program moves forward with committee approval

Sept. 3  MEDIA ADVISORY: Couple to receive 2013 Frank P. Zeidler Public Service Award
Aug. 29  Statement from Aldermen Jim Bohl, Robert J. Bauman and Tony Zielinski: Time Warner’s digital conversion benefits Time Warner, not Milwaukee

Aug. 27 
Harpoles to receive 2013 Frank P. Zeidler Public Service Award
  Proposal to lift cap on city taxicab permits gets Friday hearing

May 10  Streetcar project to be addressed    during Saturday rail event  

July 16  Committee recommends plan to provide foreclosure alternatives
June 4 
Nominees sought for 2013 Frank P. Zeidler Public Service Award
May 15  
Federal judge’s decision on Zoo Interchange Environmental Impact Statement creates opportunity for new direction in transportation investment

May 10  
Historic Preservation Honored Wednesday at Cream of Cream City Awards Ceremony  |  Cream of the Cream City Award Winners
Apr. 30 
Council vote clears way for new NML downtown HQ tower
Apr. 30 
Proposal to lift cap on city taxicab permits, improve taxi service to get special committee hearing
Apr. 17 
Proposal to lift cap on city taxicab permits, improve taxi service to get Thursday committee hearing
Apr. 1 
Statement from Aldermen Coggs, Perez, Hamilton, Bauman, Murphy, Kovac, Zielinski, Davis and Hines: Referendum on same-day registration a
chance to make residents’ voices heard

Mar. 6  
Consumer voices sought on proposal to lift cap on city taxicab permits
Feb. 13 
Statement from Alderman Robert J. Bauman: Alderman urges caution as Milwaukee County considers the sale and disposition of county facilities

Feb. 5  Proposal to lift cap on city taxicab permits gets Friday hearing




Dec. 18  Common Council approves long-awaited Historic Preservation revisions  |  REVISIONS
Dec. 11  Major Revisions proposed for City’s Historic Preservation Ordinance
Sept. 28  Ceremony at Lynden Hill will mark National Public Lands Day
Sept. 27  STATEMENT: Alderman Bauman on PSC indicates in favor of City of Milwaukee on Milwaukee Streetcar utility issue
Sept. 24  MEDIA ADVISORY: Common Council members will call for U.S. Attorney investigation into Derek Williams death  |  JOINT STATEMENT: U.S. Attorney’s insight needed in Williams death investigation

Sept. 21  Green Named 2012 Winner of Frank P. Zeidler Public Service Award
July 9  Bike-sharing program pedals to Public Works Committee | FILE 120428
June 15 MEDIA ADVISORY: Resolution directing negotiations with the City of Waukesha regarding the City's request for water service  |  Letter
June 14  Nominees sought for 2012 Frank P. Zeidler Public Service Award
Feb. 28  STATEMENT: Apparently money is no obstacle when it comes to building a new freeway in the South Shore suburbs
Feb. 13 
Resolution seeks proposals from private developers for new MPD HQ on near west side & new 1st District Station on Wisconsin Ave.  |  Resolution
Feb. 2 
Vacant building preservation ordinance would OK corrective city actions
Jan. 31 
Sheriff resorts to bus scare tactics in budget battle
Jan. 30 
Management training program study proposed for city
Jan. 30 
Alderman proposes changes to Tax Increment District to jumpstart economic development on the near west side  |  FILE 110075
Jan. 26 
Alderman urges Mayor to veto rezoning file
Jan. 24 
Proposal would boost Number of "Free" Parking days in city
Jan. 6  
Alderman Robert J. Bauman Appointed to National League of Cities Transportation Panel

Dec. 16  Bascule Bridge Repair News Conference
Dec. 6  Historic Preservation Honored Tomorrow at Cream of Cream City Awards Ceremony
Dec. 6  Demand for Docking Spots Demands Rules, Alderman Says
Nov. 30  Common Council Approves Continuing Salary Freeze
Nov. 22  City to Showcase Award-Nominated Historic Homes
Oct. 31  Council Members See Opportunity for Much Needed Infrastructure Work
Oct. 3  Boost Investment in City Infrastructure, Alderman Bauman Urges
Sept. 27  Concerns Regarding Valley Power Plant go to Public Works Committee
Sept. 23  MEDIA ADVISORY: City Hall Ceremony to Celebrate Doors Open Milwaukee
Sept. 12  Pérez Named 2011 Winner of Frank P. Zeidler Public Service Award
Aug. 29  Streetcar Utility Cost Inquiry Spurs Response  |  Letter
Aug. 22  Community Input – Now – Critical for Future Hoan Ped/Bike Lane
July 29  Milwaukee Residents Deserve Hearing on Waukesha Water Diversion
June 10  MEDIA ADVISORY: Cold Spring Park Daytime Neighborhood Walk Happening Tuesday
June 3  MEDIA ADVISORY: Deadline Approaches to Nominate for Zeidler Public Service Award
Mar. 30  Frank P. Zeidler Public Service Award 2011 Nominees Sought
Mar. 18  MEDIA ADVISORY: Labor Historian to Deliver Zeidler Lecture on Importance of Public Sector Unions
Feb. 22  Alderman Wants City Hall Entrances, Sidewalks and Street Reopened
Feb. 17  STATEMENT: Alderman Hines and Alderman Bauman Urge State Legislature to Be Consistent, Fair in Budget Repair Bill


Dec. 21  Council Approves Wisconsin Ave. and Juneau Ave. Bridge Projects
Dec. 7  Hotel Projects Top Historic Preservation Commission’s Agenda
Nov. 23  Council Approves Revenue Bond Financing for Summerfest Upgrade
Nov. 22  2010 Frank P. Zeidler Award Winners Announced
Nov. 12  MEDIA ADVISORY: Grade Schoolers to Rake Leaves at Vacant South Side Homes
Nov. 11  Common Council “On Board” in Rail Support Letter to USDOT Sec’y Ray LaHood  |  Letter
Oct. 12  MEDIA ADVISORY: Public Information Meeting Regarding the Improvement of Wisconsin Ave. Bridge over the Milwaukee River
Sept. 23  National Public Lands Day to be Celebrated at Lynden Hill
Aug. 23  Upgrade of Intermodal Station Platform Areas Long Overdue
Aug. 16  City Department Scuttles Plan Requested by Another City Department to Fast-Track In-Rem Foreclosures
July 27  Foreclosed, Abandoned Homes Present Huge Flood Damage Question
July 20  MEDIA ADVISORY: Political Strategy Memo on High Speed Rail Offered to Gubernatorial Candidates  |  Memo to GOP Candidates for Governor
July 16  Meeting Next Week on MKE’s Future High Speed Rail Line
July 12  MEDIA ADVISORY: Midtown “Day Watch” Neighborhood Walk Happening Tuesday
May 19  Milwaukee and Waukesha Council Members Work Toward Regionalism
May 11  STATEMENT: Tosa High Speed Rail Stop Idea Has Traction
May 6  Alderman Calls for Analysis of Proposed Police Administration Building Renovation
May 6  Data Shows Streetcar Line Compares Favorably to Busiest MCTS Bus Routes
May 3  Lease Arrangement for Intermodal Facility Leaves Local Taxes Unpaid
Apr. 26  Northwestern Mutual Puts Up Big Money for Milwaukee-Damaging Drexel Interchange
Apr. 6  MEDIA ADVISORY: Alderman Bauman to Hold Midtown “Day Watch” Neighborhood Walk Thursday
Mar. 15  MEDIA ADVISORY: Third Annual Frank P. Zeidler Memorial Lecture Is March 23
Mar. 12  Frank P. Zeidler Public Service Award 2010 Nominees Sought
Mar. 3  MEDIA ADVISORY: MPD and DNS to Join Alderman Bauman for Neighborhood Walk Tomorrow
Feb. 17  Milwaukee Officials to Pay Visit to Chicago Unified Call Center
Feb. 8  Common Council to Hear from Milwaukee Bucks’ Hammond, to Deal with MFD Staffing, Licensing and Razing Issues
Feb. 2  Dane County Airport Rail Stop “A Mistake,” Alderman Says
Jan. 28 
STATEMENT: Hines, Bauman Praise “Historic” Federal Investment in Wisconsin Rail


Dec. 22  Council Poised to Approve Summerfest Lease Extension
Sept. 22  Council Approves Housing Preservation Fund  |  Housing Preservation Fund File
Sept. 18  MEDIA ADVISORY: Public Works Project Incorporates Wheel Tax Dollars and MORE Worker Provisions
Sept. 9  City Could Have New Hope for Downtown UWM College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Sept. 9
  MEDIA ADVISORY: City’s First Stimulus-Funded Road Project to be Focus of News Conference
Aug. 11  High Speed Rail a Win-Win-Win for Milwaukee, Region
Jul. 17  Granite Pavers Sale a Success
Jul. 10  City Hall Doors to be Open for Public Before, During & After Great Circus Parade
Jun. 22  City to Conduct Sale of Granite Pavers; Potential Buyers Must Fill Out Application & Agree to Sale Terms  |  Purchasing Rules  |  Release of Liability
Jun. 19  City Mulling List of Conditions for Any Changes to Hoan Bridge
Jun. 19  Senate Budget Includes Handout to Oak Creek for Drexel Interchange
Jun. 16
  Historic Third Ward to Get Influx of LUKE Parking Meters
Jun. 4  Public Safety Committee Approves Permanent 24-Hour Parking Zone Near Downtown
May 29  Milwaukee Will Defer Look at Water Privatization, Aldermen Say  |  Letter to Comptroller  |  Letter to City Attorney
May 26  MEDIA ADVISORY: Harbor Commission Meeting Called to Discuss Proposed UWM Development
Apr. 21  Frank P. Zeidler Public Service Award Nominees Sought
Apr. 9  MEDIA ADVISORY: Special Public Works Meeting Called to Discuss Public Art Project
Apr. 8  Alderman Bauman Praises Attempted Emergency Brake On I-94 Project
Mar. 27 
City’s TID Districts Could Provide Millions for Local Street Work, Create Jobs
Mar. 26  City Given No Choice: Will Have to Lobby Against UWM Preferred Wauwatosa Site for College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Mar. 25  Benefits Ordinance Approved by Common Council
Feb. 18 
City Panel To Look At Pothole Repair Policies, Sinking Manholes


Dec. 16  Council Introduces Measure Supporting ACLU Claim Against DOT / ACLU Claim Support
Dec. 11 
Governor Should Move Local Streets to Top of Infrastructure Projects List

Sept. 29  Alderman Bets the Sausage on the Brew Crew
Sept. 12  Council Creates Committee To Allocate Federal Foreclosure Recovery Dollars
July 30 Council Approves Vehicle Registration Fee Initiative & Assessment Adjustments
July 17  Inaugural Frank P. Zeidler Award Winners Announced

June 2  MEDIA ADVISORY: Riversplash Violence To Be Addressed During City Hall News Conference
May 28  Billions For Milwaukee Freeways; Vending Machines For The Renovated Amtrak Depot
Mar. 25 Intermodal Station Role Earns Ald. Bauman Downtown Award 
Mar. 4 Aldermen Seek Answers On Transit Funding Debacle
Mar. 3 Panel To Look At Snow Removal, Pothole Repair Policies
Feb. 26 Council Approves Noise Restrictions For Private Waste Haulers
Feb. 12  City Panel To Look At Snow Emergency, Pothole Repair Policies
Feb. 5 New Ordinance Allows Homeowners "Paver" Options For Driveways


Dec. 28  Ald. Bauman Asks Federal Highway Administration To Extend I-94 Public Comment Period
Dec. 27  Ald. Bauman Calls For More Effective Snow Removal For Pedestrians, The Disabled And Transit Users
Dec. 14  "Clean Hands" Ordinance Having Impact, Officials Say
Dec. 10  MEDIA ADVISORY: Snowbound Garbage Carts Being Tagged And Bypassed; Citizens Asked To Help Keep Them Clear Of Ice & Snow
Dec. 10  Alderman Says Owner Of Building Where Two People Killed In Fire Was Cited For Fire Protection Deficiencies
Dec. 5  DPW Commissioner And Staff Asked To Discuss Snow And Ice Removal Issues At Special Committee Meeting  
Dec. 4  MEDIA ADVISORY: Aldermen To Express Frustration With Recent DPW Snow Removal  
Nov. 27  Burglar In Ald. Bauman Home Break-In Caught
Nov. 26  Ald. Bauman Proposes New Approach To Transportation     Related Article By Ald. Bauman     Legislative File 071114
Oct. 31  STATEMENT: By Ald. Bauman Regarding Today's Break-In At His Home
Aug. 8  New Ordinance Requires Applicants To Disclose Delinquent Taxes, Unsettled Code Violations, Fines & Judgments
July 10  Council Transit Resolution Protects Interests of Milwaukee, Citizens 
June 13  Budgetary Photoshop Hijinks?
June 1  State Dems On JFC Ignore City Transit Crisis
May 25  County Exec's Transit Plan Far From SMART
Apr. 30  Special Event Parking Program Will Ease Crunch On Residents, Businesses  (Legislative File)  
Apr. 20  City Work Ban Proposed For State Street Bridge Contractor
Apr. 20  Resolution Relating To Future Consideration Of Bids From Zenith Tech For City Public Works Construction And Service Contracts 
Mar. 23  Order On West Samaria Facility Preserves Status Quo, Enables County To Continue Shirking Its Responsibility
Mar. 23  Ald. Bauman Statement RE: State St. Bridge Project Delays, Cost Overrun   
Mar. 5  County Exec Should Act Quickly To Acquire West Samaria Facility
Feb. 26  The Secret Is Out: Scott Walker Opposes The Downtown Streetcar Circulator Because It Might Be Successful  
Jan. 16  Dedicated Funding Source Essential For Public Transit Service


Dec. 8  Ald. Bauman Proposes Traffic Calming Ordinance
Dec. 8  Holiday Parking Gift Proposed
Sept. 18  Honoring the Legacy of Former Milwaukee Mayor Frank P. Zeidler
June 11  Police, Alderman To Walk Through Neighborhood Where Police Were Attacked During June Visit
May 1  Citizens Voice Overwhelming Opposition To $300 Million Guided Bus Plan
Apr. 17  Chief Hegerty To Appear At Alderman's Town Hall Meeting Tomorrow Night
Apr. 17  Letter From Ald. Bauman Pertaining To Connector/Commuter Rail
Apr. 17 Resolution Sponsored By Ald. Bauman Pertaining To City Of Milwaukee Support For Development Of Commuter Rail Service Within Milwaukee County
Apr. 17  Letter In Response to MMAC
Apr. 12  $300 Million Guided Bus System: Why The Rush To Judgment?
Apr. 5  $300 Million Guided Bus System Is Not The Only Option Available To Capture Needed Federal Funds
Apr. 4  Downtown Transit Connector Study
Mar. 31  $300 Million Guided Bus Plan Will Reduce Transit Service For Current Transit Users
Mar. 30  Letter From Ald. Robert J. Bauman To Common Council Colleagues RE: Downtown Transit Connector Study
Mar. 29  $300 Million Guided Bus Plan Will Require City To Demolish And Reconstruct Recent Streetscaping Improvements On Wisconsin Ave.
Mar. 27  $300 Million Guided Bus Plan Will Exacerbate Downtown And East Side Parking Problems 
Mar. 24  $300 Million Guided Bus Plan Will Not Improve Mobility Or Access To Jobs For Low-Income and Minority Residents
Mar. 23  $300 Million Guided Bus Plan Called "Boondoggle," Waste of Taxpayer Dollars 

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