Block Watch Program Helps Cut Crime

The Block Watch program provides residents with specific information on how to reduce or eliminate opportunities for crime. And it works. But Block Watch groups can also do so much more. The support of local businesses is vital to the Block Watches and the support of Block Watches is vital to local business. They can accomplish many things by working together that they may not be able to do if working alone. This cooperation is essential to making a neighborhood a cohesive community.

"Get to know your neighborhood and your neighbors and become proactive in improving the quality of life in the 2nd District," said President Johnson.

To become involved in a Block Watch you can contact the following Community Liaison Officer(s):

District 4  

Tracey Geniesse  414-935-7373

Carrie Resnick - 414- 935-7248 

District 7 

Bowie Buchner 414-935-7314

If you'd like President Johnson to attend a Block Watch meeting, please call his office at 414-286-3787.

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