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Alderman Zielinski Exploring Comprehensive Planning

Ald. Zielinski and various community groups are looking at how an area plan for the 14th District could help to identify opportunities and guide investment in the district.

The City of Milwaukee has started a multi-year process to develop a citywide Comprehensive Plan. The plan, which is required by a state law passed in 1999, will consist of a series of policies covering issues like housing, transportation, and economic development. The plan also will project future land uses within the City of Milwaukee.

At the same time the Comprehensive Plan is being developed, the Department of City Development will be working to create area plans that address opportunities and challenges specific to particular parts of Milwaukee. These plans can be used to guide public land use decisions and private investment decisions. Recently completed area plans evaluated the near west side and near north side.

Both the citywide Comprehensive Plan elements and area plans are created with extensive public involvement. In the case of area plans, the cost of plan development is shared between the City of Milwaukee and stakeholders in the area being studied. The financial involvement of organizations and businesses in the area helps to ensure a true partnership in both the creation and implementation of the plan.