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Keep Your Car Licensed or it May Be Towed

With my help, the city now has another critical tool to improve the quality of life in the 14th District and keep our crowded streets from looking like junk yards. I co-sponsored legislation passed by the Common Council that allows the city to clear nuisance vehicles that clog streets and alleys by towing and impounding unregistered and unlicensed motor vehicles. Complaints about nuisance vehicles not being moved or being stored on streets are among the most frequent parking complaints I receive and this bill gives us the opportunity to clear these nuisance vehicles.

The old system of removing vehicles took too long, and I know this new ordinance will be a useful tool and make it easier to deal with the irresponsible behavior of people who break the law by putting their unregistered and abandoned cars on the streets of our densely populated neighborhoods.

Cars that have expired license plates for 30 days or less will not be towed. However, once the plates are expired more than 30 days, or if it has no plates, it will then be towed immediately. The cost to pick up the car is $90 plus $20 per day for storage. 

As you know, on-street parking is at a premium in sections of the 14th District and I was successful last year in adding some streets that allow overnight parking on both sides from March through November. This is another step toward retaining some of those precious parking spots. If you see a car on your street that meets the description of an unregistered vehicle or is unlicensed, please call my office at 286-3769.

Television photographers record the event as a vehicle is hauled to the City of Milwaukee Tow Lot, 3811 W. Lincoln Ave.