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How to Access Crime Statistics

Instructions for E-Notify and Compass

Either Compass or E-Notify may be accessed from the City of Milwaukee's Web site, which is:


Instruction and web site for E-Notify is at:

This site is where you would either create a new account or sign in to access an existing account.

For E-Notify

You will need to create an account if you are a new user or log in if you have an account. Once you are logged in, you can select either a service request or choose E-Notify from the list on the left.

An example would be if you wanted to receive notification for the Milwaukee Police Department you would find your choice on the first line under Location based notification, on the right side. You would check the box for Police Verified Offense Notification and click on the Add/Modify Addresses. Here is where you will enter an address by clicking on here for addresses and choose the distance from that address from the drop down box right below. You can add as many addresses as you would like. When done, click on Completed entering addresses when done.

You may also request news releases for the 14th Aldermanic District from E-Notify. When done, click on Update Notification. Log Out when you are finished.

For Compass

Compass can be accessed at

When you are on the main COMPASS page, click on Public Applications link on the left. Then click on the Query and Download link. Click agree.

You can either create your own login or type "address" for the User Name, and "user" for the Password. Click on the Log in button.

This is where you would choose the information you want. For example, if you want crime statistics for 2nd district police, you would click on the "Police District" tab, choose "2" from the drop down box for Police District. Then choose the button for "Summary Information of Wisconsin Incident Based Report (WIBR) for specific group A offenses." Choose your dates and click submit. You may also get information about the 14th District for the same crime information, just click on the Aldermanic District tab. This site would also be useful if you wanted addresses of all businesses in the 14th District or other information.