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Alderman Zielinski Helps Form Block Watches

Ald. Zielinski, who has helped start Block Watch groups, said the Block Watch program is designed to make neighborhoods safer places to live, work and play. "The program has proven that it can improve communication, cooperation and organization among residents, as well as between residents and the Milwaukee Police Department," said Ald. Zielinski.

Ald. Zielinski also wants residents to call his office for information on how residents can use the city's nuisance abatement ordinance to take action against houses and buildings that generate police calls and problems such as noise, litter, disturbances and possible criminal activities such as drug dealing and prostitution.

Most crimes are crimes of "opportunity" and therefore can be prevented. The Block Watch program provides residents with specific information on how to reduce or eliminate opportunities for crimes. "When residents get involved in a Block Watch, a common bond develops between neighbors that instills neighborhood pride and protectiveness," the alderman said. "I believe that this can only enhance the quality of life in our district."


Ald. Zielinski attended a recent meeting of the S. 12th – S. 13th Streets Block Watch Club – which he helped form – to discuss neighborhood issues. Anyone interested in joining or forming a block watch club should call Ald. Zielinski's office at 286-3769 or email