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Crime Prevention: The Block Watch Program Works

Expanding the Block Watch program in the 14th District has been one of Ald. Zielinski's top priorities since taking office. Just as he's done with the Ohio Park Neighborhood Association, he has been working successfully to put together partnerships with neighborhood groups and area businesses to expand the number of Block Watch groups in the district.

"The Block Watch program is designed to make neighborhoods safer places to live, work and play and, therefore, can help provide a safer environment for our children," said Ald. Zielinski, who has also been setting up and attending Block Watch meetings regularly in the district for years. "Good Block Watch organizations can help stabilize entire neighborhoods and business areas, and that's why I support them so strongly."

Most crimes are crimes of "opportunity" and therefore can be prevented. The Block Watch program provides residents with specific information on how to reduce or eliminate opportunities for crimes.

To start up a Block Watch, please contact Ald. Zielinski at 286-2873 or call one of the community liaison officers of the 2nd Police District at 935-7228. Then talk to your neighbors to get as many residents on your block involved as possible. Officers will assist in providing information at the first meeting. The program will improve communication, cooperation and organization among residents, as well as between residents and the Milwaukee Police Department.

If you would like Ald. Zielinski to attend one of your Block Watch meetings (even "organizational" meetings), please call his office at 286-2873.

When citizens become involved in a Block Watch, a common bond develops between neighbors that instills neighborhood pride and protectiveness. This can only enhance the quality of life in our city.


Ald. Tony Zielinski met recently with officers of the Ohio Park Neighborhood Association to discuss its Block Watch efforts. The group represents the area bounded by S. 6th St. on the east, S. 13th St. on the west, W. Morgan Ave. on the south, and W. Oklahoma Ave. on the north.


Peter Fritz is captain of the 3300 block of S. 13th St. block watch. He and watch members Elizabeth Fritz, Alvin and Christine Gaeth, Mary Alvarado, Norbert Czaplicki, Audrey Borzymowski, Barb Swessel, and the owners and employees of Lincoln Music contacted Ald. Zielinski only six months ago regarding nuisance activities in their neighborhood. As a result of forming the block watch, the nuisance activities have stopped and according to Fritz, “We have our neighborhood back.”