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Bridgeport Park Green Space Preserved

Green space at E. Conway St. and S. Wentworth Ave. in Bay View will always remain just as it is - open and undeveloped, Ald. Zielinski said. 

Years ago the state wanted to transfer the land to the local unit of government for development but before any action took place, then Supervisor Zielinski held a community meeting to let constituents know what was in the works and the clear response was that the green space should be preserved. Constituents also said that the battle should be fought proactively on the state level to try to preserve the green space. As a result, then Supervisor Zielinski successfully introduced a County Board resolution denying acceptance of the land and urging the state to preserve the green space.

Several years passed before state Rep. Jon Richards finally had the land transferred from the Department of Transportation to the Department of Natural Resources. 

"Representative Richards and all of the 14th District constituents who worked with me to preserve this green space deserve a sincere 'Thank You' for their dedicated work," Ald. Zielinski said.