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Alderman Zielinski Takes Lead on E-85 Flex-fuels

Ethanol is going to be the wave of the future, and I want Milwaukee to be a leader in the use of this alternate fuel. An ordinance I've sponsored which was approved June 20th, 2006 by the Common Council will require that all city departments purchase flexible fuel vehicles in the future when practical. Such a vehicle can operate using either regular gasoline or E-85 fuel, which contains 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline.

Flexible fuel vehicles could bring about numerous benefits:

  • Ethanol would be a key step in reducing reliance on foreign oil.
  • While there are price fluctuations, E-85 is generally cheaper than regular unleaded.
  • City would save enormous amounts of money, resulting in savings to taxpayers.
  • Provide an additional market for Wisconsin's corn and other agricultural crops.
  • Stimulate the state economy and provide jobs.
  • Brazil no longer imports any foreign oil because of its use of ethanol.

The big three automakers have already produced five million vehicles capable of running on corn-based ethanol fuels, about 500,000 of them by General Motors at the plant in Janesville, and I want to congratulate the automakers on their work with the environmentally friendly ethanol. Again, while there are price fluctuations, E-85 is generally cheaper than regular unleaded gas, between $.11 and $.50 according to the governor's office.

Pictured with a GM flex-fuel vehicle at the Citgo Station at 1009 S. 1st St. are Jay Walia, owner of the station which is converting a pump to E-85, Ald. Zielinski, Doug Dittrick, GM Fleet Operations, and Bob Welch, a representative of the Wisconsin Ethanol Coalition.