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Streetcar Straight Talk

One of the investments that has the greatest potential to reshape the city for the better is the Milwaukee Streetcar. Through the strategic use of federal grants and development tools, the city will soon begin installing this state-of-the-art people mover without having to burden property taxpayers with the expense.

The Common Council weighed all the facts, considered months of expert testimony and put a great deal of thought into the vote for this project. After much consideration, Alderman Witkowski believes it really will be a benefit, not only to the city as a whole, but to those living on the South Side.

But there has been a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about what this project is, how it will be paid for and what it will mean for the future of our city. Alderman Witkowski offers readers this information pamphlet to correct a few of the mistaken assumptions people have about the project.