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Reporting Crimes and Nuisance Activities

It is sometimes not clear whom to contact to report a crime, suspicious activity, nuisance problem or other incident.


The general rule of thumb recommended by Milwaukee Police is that if the incident constitutes an emergency, call 9-1-1. An “emergency” would include things like:

  • shots fired

  • vandalism in progress (especially graffiti vandalism)

  • a fight or assault in progress

  • loitering/prowling

  • a robbery in progress

  • sexual assault


If the situation is NOT an emergency, the number to call is 933-4444. Non-emergency situations generally include:

  • parking problems/issues

  • loud music

  • neighbor problems

Other Complaints

If it is some other city issue, please call 286-CITY (286-2489).

Help Us Help You

A citizen complaint log can also help police and city officials combat crime and nuisance issues. Include the date, time, and the name of the establishment or business owner (if applicable).  Also record your complaint, which can include loitering, drug activity, prostitution, vandalism, graffiti, and any other behavior that you believe is illegal and/or disruptive in your neighborhood.  Also, record what the police response was, or any other response from the city.  Once you have a satisfactory amount of incidents entered into your complaint log, make a copy and put it in the mail to me so I can take action on your behalf.

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