Residents Preference Program

Through the Residents Preference Program (RPP), the City of Milwaukee strives to help under- and unemployed residents of the City gain access to employment opportunities. RPP is designed to promote the use of City residents as part of a contractor's or developer's workforce on Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) projects. Under Common Council File #131139, contractors working on projects financed by PACE must make a best effort to utilize 40% RPP-certified City of Milwaukee residents to work on those projects. The information below pertains specifically to PACE-financed projects - for more information on the broader RPP initiative and requirements for other programs and departments, please visit the City of Milwaukee's Office of Small Business Development.

The information below outlines how to determine the RPP-certified labor required for your project and how to fulfill the City of Milwaukee's requirements. Please send any questions to

Determining RPP Labor Requirement

In order to determine the amount of labor that must be RPP-certified on a PACE project, the RPP Plan form must be submitted as part of the PACE application. The purpose of this form is to allow contractors to plan how much RPP-certified labor is needed for the PACE project and which areas of the project will provide the required RPP-certified hours. The required RPP-certified hours are calculated based on ONLY the labor hours needed to complete the PACE-funded portions of the project. If the PACE-funded portions do not provide enough RPP-certified labor, RPP-certified hours from non-PACE portions of the project may be used to meet the calculated requirement. The labor hours from the non-PACE portions of the project are not included in the calculation of the RPP requirement. They only count toward meeting the RPP requirement.

Finding RPP Labor

If after filling out the RPP Plan a project does not have enough RPP-certified employees and labor hours to fulfill the 40% requirement, the contractors on the project must recruit RPP-certified employees with the help of Milwaukee workforce development agencies. For each workforce development agency, projects must submit a RPP Employee Referral Request documenting the potential qualified workers supplied to the contractor or that the organization was unable to provide qualified candidates. If after approaching the following workforce development agencies and submitting the appropriate paperwork the project still cannot meet the 40% requirement, the Environmental Collaboration Office will waive the 40% requirement and allow a project to move forward with the RPP-certified labor already identified.

Milwaukee Workforce Development Agencies
Organization Phone Number
WRTP/BIG STEP (414) 342-9787
Riverworks Center (414) 906-9650
Compete Milwaukee/UMOS (414)389-6000

Certifying RPP Labor

To qualify as a RPP worker, identified indviduals must be a City of Milwaukee resident and must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Has not worked in the preceding 15 days
  • Has worked less than 1,200 hours in the preceiding 12 months
  • Meets certain federal poverty guidelines

If the individual meets the minimum requirements, they must complete an RPP Employee Affidavit and schedule an appointment to be certified by one of the certifying agencies listed below.

Resident Preference Program Worker Certifying Agencies
Organization Address Phone Number
City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works - Contracts Administration

841 N Broadway
Milwaukee, WI  53202

(414) 286-3309

3841 W Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee, WI  53208

(414) 342-9787
Riverworks Center

526 E Concordia Ave
Milwaukee, WI  53212

(414) 906-9650

If RPP certification is granted, submit the affidavit to the PACE program at While there is no longer an expiration date for RPP certification, the individual must continue to live in the City of Milwaukee to remain RPP-certified. Certification becomes invalid if a worker moves outside of the Milwaukee city limits. If an RPP-certified individual moves within the City of Milwaukee, their RPP certification will need to be updated with the new City of Milwaukee address.

Tracking RPP Labor

The City of MIlwaukee requires RPP documentation to be submitted electronically. This includes documentation of RPP certification and payroll information for all workers on the PACE-financed portions of the project (including RPP and non-RPP workers) and workers on other portions of the project (RPP workers ONLY). The City uses LCPtracker to report payroll information. This program can be accessed online and is provided by the City of Milwaukee at no charge to contractors working on the PACE project.

Each contractor and subcontractor that is required to submit RPP-certified labor hours must fill out a LCPtracker Set Up form and will be provided a user ID and password to access the system. By using LCPtracker, the City of Milwaukee is able to accurately report on the RPP labor utilized by each project. At the beginning of each project, the Environmental Collaboration Office will set up a meeting with the appropriate contractor(s) and staff to review use of the online system and answer any questions. In addition, the City of Milwaukee has developed quick guides to assist contractors in performing the essential functions of payroll submission.

Benefits of LCPtracker

  • Prompts user to fill in all required fields on payroll to avoid missing information
  • Crafts/classifications are standardized, making them easier to identify
  • Validates data to avoid mathematical errors

LCPtracker Quick Guides

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